22 Facts About Alan Bennett

1. Alan Bennett is an English playwright, screenwriter, actor and author.

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2. Alan Bennett was born May 9, 1934, in Leeds, England.

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3. Alan Bennett attended Leeds Modern School and gained a scholarship to Exeter College, Oxford, where he received an undergraduate degree in history in 1957.

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4. Alan Bennett published various books, including several novellas and short-story collections.

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5. In 2008, Alan Bennett announced that he was giving his archive to the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

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6. Alan Bennett has turned down at least two honours, including CBE in 1998 and a knighthood in 1996.

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7. Alan Bennett is an English playwright, screenwriter, actor, and author.

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8. Alan Bennett said he "loosely" based The History Boys on his experiences at the school and his admission to Oxford.

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9. Alan Bennett earned Honorary Membership of The Coterie in the 2007 membership list.

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10. Alan Bennett declined a CBE in 1988 and a knighthood in 1996.

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11. Alan Bennett was made an Honorary Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, in 1987.

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12. In September 2015, Alan Bennett endorsed Jeremy Corbyn's campaign in the Labour Party leadership election.

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13. Alan Bennett began Untold Stories thinking it would be published posthumously, but his cancer went into remission.

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14. In 1988, Alan Bennett declined the award of Commander of the Order of the British Empire and in 1996 declined a knighthood.

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15. Alan Bennett lives in Camden Town in London, with his partner Rupert Thomas, the editor of World of Interiors magazine.

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16. Alan Bennett adapted the story again for a 2015 film, with Maggie Smith reprising her role again, and Nicholas Hytner directing again.

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17. Alan Bennett wrote The Lady in the Van based on his experiences with an eccentric woman called Miss Shepherd, who lived on Bennett's driveway in a series of dilapidated vans for more than fifteen years.

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18. Alan Bennett is both unsparing and compassionate in laying bare his characters' frailties.

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19. Alan Bennett learned Russian at the Joint Services School for Linguists during his national service before applying for a scholarship at Oxford University.

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20. Alan Bennett gave up academia, and turned to writing full-time, his first stage play Forty Years On being produced in 1968.

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21. Alan Bennett stayed to teach and research medieval history at the university for several years.

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22. Alan Bennett was born on 9 May 1934 and is an English playwright, screenwriter, actor, and author.

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