7 Facts About Alan Davies

1. In 2016, Alan Davies said he eats seafood only when there "isn't a good vegetarian option.

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2. In September 2012, Alan Davies made his first appearance on Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz series, winning The Big Fat Quiz of the '90s alongside Phill Jupitus.

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3. In 2011 Alan Davies was one of the judges on the ITV programme Show Me The Funny, a talent contest for new and aspiring stand-up comedy performers.

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4. On 16 May 2010, Alan Davies appeared in "Your Sudden Death Question", an episode of the ITV detective series Lewis, as Marcus Richard, a scamming quizmaster at a competition held in an Oxford college, at which some of the contestants are murdered.

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5. In 2003, Alan Davies appeared as a Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car on Top Gear with a time of 1:54 in wet conditions.

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6. In 2001 Alan Davies played Robert Gossage in Bob and Rose, a comedy drama about a gay man falling for a woman.

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7. In 2012, Alan Davies planned a new tour called "Life is Pain".

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