11 Facts About Alan Gagloev


Alan Gagloev is the current chairman of the Nykhaz party since 2020.

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Alan Gagloev was born on 6 February 1981, in Tskhinvali.

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Alan Gagloev graduated from the South Ossetian State University in 2002 and was hired by the Ministry of Economic Development of South Ossetia as the chief specialist of the department for supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

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Alan Gagloev ran unsuccessfully for president of South Ossetia in 2017, losing to Anatoly Bibilov.

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Alan Gagloev went on to be elected chairman of Nykhaz in February 2020.

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South Ossetia

Alan Gagloev ran for president a second time in the 2022 election.

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Bibilov admitted defeat in the elections, congratulated Alan Gagloev and wished him "successful work for the good of the people".

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Domestically, Alan Gagloev said the main issue of his presidency would be taking steps to improve the economy.

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Alan Gagloev was seen by observers as being less supportive of holding a referendum to join Russia, saying that Russia was "still busy with other issues, " in reference to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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On 12 August 2022, Alan Gagloev dismissed defense minister Vladimir Pukhaev due to an incident on 23 July 2022, which involved masked servicemen of the defense minister assaulting civilians in various locations throughout the region.

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Alan Gagloev would assert his "supreme authority" over the armed forces after these events.

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