7 Facts About Alan Johnson

1. At the time of the release Derek Alan Johnson wrote of NME: "The song itself is glowing and George and co-workers including Alan Aldridge designed the album and the booklet.

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2. Torquay United boss Gary Alan Johnson wants a team capable of beating the best in National South.

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3. In December 2015, Alan Johnson married his third wife, businesswoman Carolyn Burgess.

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4. In 2010, there was much speculation that Alan Johnson was going to stand as a candidate for the London Mayoral election after announcing that he was not going to contest the leadership.

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5. On 24 June 2007, Alan Johnson was narrowly beaten for the deputy leadership by Harriet Harman.

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6. In response, Alan Johnson insisted that the media coverage of the torture had been "baseless, groundless accusations".

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7. On 5 June 2009, Alan Johnson was appointed to the position of Home Secretary during a reshuffle, replacing the first female holder of the post, Jacqui Smith.

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