14 Facts About Alan Lowenthal


Alan Stuart Lowenthal is an American politician serving as the U S representative for California's 47th congressional district since 2013.

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In both posts, Alan Lowenthal represented the city of Long Beach and its surrounding suburbs.

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Alan Lowenthal was born and raised in Queens, New York City.

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Alan Lowenthal graduated with a B A from Hobart College and earned a Ph.

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In 1969, Alan Lowenthal moved to Long Beach and became a professor of community psychology at California State University, Long Beach.

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Alan Lowenthal went on leave to become a Long Beach City Councilman in 1992.

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Alan Lowenthal remained on leave for several years until retiring in 1998.

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In 1998, Alan Lowenthal decided to run for the 54th district of the California State Assembly.

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Alan Lowenthal was a founding member of the Assembly's Bipartisan Caucus and authored legislation for the creation of California's first ever Bipartisan Citizens Redistricting Commission.

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Alan Lowenthal has received the "Rivie" Award from the Friends of the Los Angeles River due to his efforts to help clean up the river.

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In 2004, Alan Lowenthal ran for the California Senate in the 27th Senate district.

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Legislation that Alan Lowenthal had signed into law include a law to reduce diesel emissions at the ports by limiting idling time for trucks conducting transactions at the ports, a bill that established a grant program to provide financial incentives for purchasing or leasing electric vehicles, and a bill to protect highways.

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Until the Democrats swept every seat in Orange County at the 2018 elections, Alan Lowenthal was the only elected white Democrat above the county level in much of the Orange County portion of the district.

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Alan Lowenthal's son Daniel is a judge on the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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