14 Facts About Alan Oppenheimer


Alan Oppenheimer has performed numerous roles on live action television since the 1960s, and he has had an active career doing voice work since the 1970s.


Alan Oppenheimer was the original Mickey Malph on Happy Days.


Alan Oppenheimer played a recurring role during the first two seasons of St Elsewhere as Helen Rosenthal's husband, Ira.


Alan Oppenheimer then continued in science fiction genre in the 1973 cult classic Westworld, where he played the head IT technician.


Alan Oppenheimer has appeared in three Star Trek series, always playing a different character.


Alan Oppenheimer appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Rightful Heir" as a Klingon cleric, Koroth, a primary instigator of the cloning of Kahless; on Deep Space Nine as a Starfleet Captain Declan Keogh in command of the USS Odyssey; and as an alien ambassador in Voyager.


Alan Oppenheimer provided the voice of Barkerville in the Pound Puppies TV special.


Alan Oppenheimer voiced Fraidy Cat on Fraidy Cat in 1975 and provided additional voices on Battle of the Planets in 1978.


Alan Oppenheimer worked on The Transformers, most notably as two contrasting characters, the pacifist Beachcomber and the bellicose Warpath.


Alan Oppenheimer took over the voice of Roger Smith's butler Norman Burg in the English dub of the second season of The Big O Alan Oppenheimer was the voice of the unseen Alistair Crane on the soap opera Passions up until 2004, when the character was made fully visible and played by David Bailey.


Alan Oppenheimer's repertoire includes video games, voicing Dr Piotr Ivanovich in Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, Prometheus in God of War II and Jandor the Airship Captain in Nox.


Alan Oppenheimer voiced the parts of a non-player character Soldier and the Wasteland Trader, and the NPC 'enemies' Cult Ghoul Thug and Kamikaze in Fallout: BoS.


Also, in the English TG-16 port of Ys Book I and II, Alan Oppenheimer voiced the roles of the Narrator, and the game's lead antagonist, Darm.


Alan Oppenheimer married costume designer Marianna Elliott in 1958 and together they had three children.