10 Facts About Alan Rothwell


Alan Rothwell was born on 9 February 1937 and is an English actor and television presenter.


Alan Rothwell played David Barlow in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street as a regular from 1960 to 1961, and again from 1963 to 1968.


Alan Rothwell's other acting credits include playing Mike in Top Secret, a recurring role in Heartbeat, and various roles in Doctors.


Alan Rothwell presented the children's television series Picture Box and Hickory House.


Alan Rothwell first came to fame playing the character Jimmy Grange in The Archers, then David Barlow in the then new ITV soap opera Coronation Street as a regular from December 1960 until June 1961, then appeared for two episodes in June 1963, before returning as a regular from December 1964 to April 1968.


Alan Rothwell was a guest star in Gideon's Way 1964 as a young man wrongly accused of killing his girlfriend played by Carol White.


Alan Rothwell had roles in the lost 1960 film Linda, starring Carol White, and the 1971 film Zeppelin, starring Michael York and Elke Sommer.


Alan Rothwell returned to soap operas in 1985, this time as the heroin addict Nicholas Black in Brookside.


Alan Rothwell played Gerry Stringer in all six episodes of Dead Man Weds in 2005.


In 2004, Alan Rothwell guest-starred in the Doctor Who audio adventure The Twilight Kingdom.