24 Facts About Alan Ruck


Alan Douglas Ruck was born on July 1,1956 and is an American actor.

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Alan Ruck made his Broadway debut in 1985 in Neil Simon's Biloxi Blues with Matthew Broderick.

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Alan Ruck was a stage actor at theaters around the US, including the Wisdom Bridge Theatre in Chicago.

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Alan Ruck later appeared in the 1989 comedy film Three Fugitives.

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Alan Ruck played Captain John Harriman of the USS Enterprise-B in the 1994 film Star Trek Generations, a role that he has reprised along with Generations co-star Walter Koenig and other Trek alumni in the fan film Of Gods and Men.

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Alan Ruck played an annoying tourist named Doug Stephens on an ill-fated bus in the blockbuster Speed.

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From 1990 to 1991, Alan Ruck starred as Chicago ad man Charlie Davis, in the ABC series Going Places.

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Alan Ruck appeared in the series Daddy's Girls in 1994, which was canceled after three episodes.

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From 1996 to 2002, Alan played Stuart Bondek in the sitcom Spin City alongside Michael J Fox and later, Charlie Sheen.

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Alan Ruck was then cast in the pilot of the Tim Minear-created Fox Network series Drive, but did not appear in the actual series.

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Alan Ruck starred in one episode of the Comedy Central sitcom Stella as Richard, a man looking for work.

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Alan Ruck later starred in the season two Scrubs episode "My Lucky Day" as a patient, and played reporter Steve Jacobson on the ESPN miniseries The Bronx Is Burning.

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In 1998, Alan Ruck guest starred in the fifth episode of the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon as the NASA engineer Tom Dolan.

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In 2006, Alan Ruck guest starred in a single episode of Stargate Atlantis called "The Real World" and, in 2007, as unscrupulous property developer Albert Bunford in an episode of Medium.

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Alan Ruck played the part of a ghost of a family man in the 2008 film Ghost Town starring Ricky Gervais.

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Alan Ruck played the role of Dean Bowman in the college fraternity drama Greek.

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Alan Ruck appeared in a guest role as a manic geologist in an episode of Eureka.

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In 2009, Alan Ruck filmed the medical drama Extraordinary Measures in Portland, Oregon, with star Harrison Ford.

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Alan Ruck then appeared as a bank robber in a season three episode of the USA Network series Psych, and as a lawyer in season five of the ABC series Boston Legal.

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In 2010, Alan Ruck was cast as a lead character in the NBC mystery-drama, Persons Unknown.

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Alan Ruck guest-starred on the television show Fringe as a scientist turned criminal, in the NCIS: Los Angeles season two episode "Borderline", and guest-starred as ex-money laundering accountant turned dentist on an episode of Justified entitled "Long in the Tooth".

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Alan Ruck appeared in the Grey's Anatomy season five episode "In The Midnight Hour".

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In 2012, Alan Ruck was cast in the ABC Family series Bunheads as the husband to Sutton Foster's character, Michelle.

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In 2018, Alan Ruck began in the role of Connor Roy in the Emmy-award winning HBO series Succession.

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