21 Facts About Alan Sepinwall


Alan Sepinwall was born on October 19,1973 and is an American television reviewer and writer.


Alan Sepinwall spent 14 years as a columnist with The Star-Ledger in Newark until leaving the newspaper in 2010 to work for the entertainment news website HitFix.


Alan Sepinwall then wrote for Uproxx, where he worked for two years.


In 2009, Alan Sepinwall openly urged NBC to renew the action-comedy series Chuck, and NBC Entertainment co-president Ben Silverman sarcastically credited Alan Sepinwall for the show's revival.


Alan Sepinwall's father, Jerry, was a psychopharmacologist, and his mother, Harriet, is a former professor of social studies education at the College of St Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey.


Alan Sepinwall attended Congregation Agudath Israel of West Essex in Caldwell, New Jersey.


Alan Sepinwall studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where he began writing television reviews during his sophomore year in 1993.


Those reviews helped lead Alan Sepinwall to begin a career in television journalism at The Star-Ledger in Newark; in 2004, Alan Sepinwall said "without Blue, I wouldn't have the career or the life that I currently do".


However, after the 2020 murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, Alan Sepinwall wrote a long piece in Rolling Stone detailing his mixed feelings about NYPD Blue and cop shows in general, and concluding that shows in the police drama genre had to massively change in the new reality, or no longer be made at all.


Alan Sepinwall began working as The Star-Ledger's television columnist in 1996.


Alan Sepinwall is a member of the Television Critics Association.


Around 2005, in addition to his newspaper columns, Alan Sepinwall began blogging for The Star-Ledger on the website "All TV".


Around that time, he began maintaining his own private blog, "What's Alan Sepinwall Watching", in which he posted reviews and interacted directly with readers.


Alan Sepinwall made a cameo appearance as an extra in an October 2010 episode of the NBC comedy Community, a show which he has strongly praised.


Alan Sepinwall later wrote that, in hindsight, he regretted appearing on the show due to "the extreme blurring of the line [between reviewer and fan] it caused".


From 2017 to 2018, Sepinwall hosted a podcast called TV Avalanche with fellow Uproxx television critic Brian Grubb.


In May 2018, Alan Sepinwall announced he was leaving Uproxx and was moving to Rolling Stone.


Alan Sepinwall has interviewed such television figures as The Wire creator David Simon, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, The OC.


Alan Sepinwall wrote a book about the Fox teen drama series The OC.


In 2009, when NBC was contemplating canceling the action-comedy Chuck, of which Alan Sepinwall was a strong proponent, he wrote an open letter to NBC executives urging them to renew the show and encouraging them to seek revenue by expanding existing product placement marketing deals.


Alan Sepinwall has been a particularly strong advocate for such shows as Lost, The Shield, Breaking Bad, and The Wire.