10 Facts About Alan Shugart


Alan Field Shugart was an American engineer, entrepreneur and business executive whose career defined the modern computer disk drive industry.


Alan Shugart was married to Rita Shugart from 1981 until his death.


Alan Shugart died on December 12,2006 in Monterey, California of complications from heart surgery he had undergone six weeks earlier.


Alan Shugart began his career in 1951 as a field engineer at IBM.


Alan Shugart rose through a series of increasingly important positions to become the Direct Access Storage Product Manager, responsible for disk storage products, IBM's most profitable businesses at that time.


Alan Shugart joined Memorex in 1969 as Vice President of its Equipment Division and led the development of its 3660 and 3670 disk storage subsystems.


Alan Shugart's team developed the Memorex 650, one of the first commercially available floppy disk drives.


Alan Shugart founded Shugart Associates in February 1973 and resigned as CEO in October 1974.


Alan Shugart later wrote about that experience in a book, Ernest Goes to Washington.


Alan Shugart backed a failed ballot initiative in 2000 to give California voters the option of choosing "none of the above" in elections.