13 Facts About Albert Mackey


Albert Gallatin Mackey was an American medical doctor and author.


Albert Mackey is best known for his books and articles about freemasonry, particularly the Masonic Landmarks.


Albert Gallatin Mackey was born in Charleston, South Carolina, the son of John Mackey, a physician, journalist and educator.


Albert Mackey's father published The American Teacher's Assistant and Self-Instructor's Guide, containing all the Rules of Arithmetic properly Explained, etc.


Albert Mackey's son was Edmund William McGregor Mackey who became a member of the US House of Representatives from South Carolina.


Albert Mackey graduated from the medical department of the College of South Carolina in 1832.


Albert Mackey maintained it for three years, mostly by his own expense.

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Albert Mackey acquired the Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and continental languages almost unaided, and lectured frequently on the intellectual and moral development of the Middle Ages.


Albert Mackey served as Grand Lecturer and Grand Secretary of The Grand Lodge of South Carolina, as well as Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States.


Albert Mackey was a Union sympathizer during the Civil War and in July, 1865, President Andrew Johnson appointed him Collector of the Port of Charleston.


Albert Mackey was a delegate and president of the 1868 South Carolina Constitutional Convention.


Albert Mackey ran for the United States Senate in South Carolina in 1868, but was narrowly defeated by Republican Frederick A Sawyer.


Albert Mackey's books were often revised and expanded during and after his lifetime, and published by many different publishers.