13 Facts About Alcide Nunez


Alcide Patrick Nunez, known as Yellow Nunez and Al Nunez, was an American jazz clarinetist.

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Alcide Nunez was one of the first musicians of New Orleans to make audio recordings.

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Alcide Patrick Nunez was born in St Bernard Parish, Louisiana, United States.

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Alcide Nunez's parents were Victor Nunez and Elisa Nunez Chalaire and were of Isleno and French Creole descent respectively.

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Alcide Nunez grew up amid the Marigny and Bywater districts of New Orleans.

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Alcide Nunez joined to several bands in which played guitar, although switched to clarinet about 1902.

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Alcide Nunez soon became one of the top hot clarinetists in the city.

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In early 1916, he went north to Chicago with Stein's Dixie Jass Band, which was to become famous as the Original Dixieland Jass Band, but Alcide Nunez left the band shortly before they made their first recordings.

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In early 1920 Alcide Nunez worked with the New York dance band of Harry Yerkes but in the same year returned temporarily to the Louisiana Five, touring the United States.

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Soon thereafter Alcide Nunez began to lose his teeth, impairing his ability to play clarinet.

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Alcide Nunez returned to his family in New Orleans, but after getting dentures he regained his ability to play the clarinet.

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Alcide Nunez joined the policy department to join the Police Band.

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Alcide Nunez married three times, had one child with his second wife and three children with his third.

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