16 Facts About Alejandro Escovedo


Pedro Alejandro Escovedo was born on January 10,1951 and is an American rock musician, songwriter, and singer, who has been recording and touring since the late 1970s.


Alejandro Escovedo has played in various rock genres, including punk rock, roots rock and alternative country, and is most closely associated with the music scene in Austin, Texas but San Francisco and New York.


Alejandro Escovedo began performing in the first-wave punk rock group the Nuns, with Jennifer Miro and Jeff Olener, in San Francisco, California.


Alejandro Escovedo moved to New York in 1978 and joined the Judy Nylon band.


In 1997, Alejandro Escovedo collaborated with Ryan Adams and the band Whiskeytown in recording sessions for their album Strangers Almanac.


Alejandro Escovedo was involved in a side project that represents his hard-rocking tastes.


On More Oar, Alejandro Escovedo contributes his version of Spence's "Diana".

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In 2003, after having lived with Hepatitis C for many years, Alejandro Escovedo collapsed onstage in Arizona as a result of the disease.


Alejandro Escovedo went on a short tour with the Quintet, which included a date at Carnegie Hall's Zankel Hall in early December 2006.


Alejandro Escovedo released Real Animal, produced by Tony Visconti, on June 24,2008.


In 2009, Alejandro Escovedo was invited to contribute to a tribute album to the late Doug Sahm.


Alejandro Escovedo contributed his version of "Too Little Too Late" to Keep Your Soul: A Tribute to Doug Sahm.


In June 2010, Alejandro Escovedo released Street Songs of Love, produced by Visconti but released on a new label, featuring songs that were originally presented during "Sessions on South Congress" at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas with his band, The Sensitive Boys.


In 2014, Alejandro Escovedo appeared in the movie and contributed to the soundtrack of the movie Veronica Mars, singing an acoustic version of "We Used to Be Friends".


In October 2016, Alejandro Escovedo released the album Burn Something Beautiful, which had been recorded in April of that year in Portland, Oregon.


In January 2017, Alejandro Escovedo did a short tour supporting the album, backed by some of the members of The Minus Five Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck, Kurt Bloch and John Moen, all of whom had performed on the album sans Corin Tucker and Kelly Hogan who did not tour but recorded on the album.