11 Facts About Aleksander Gierymski


Ignacy Aleksander Gierymski was a Polish painter of the late 19th century, the younger brother of Maksymilian Gierymski.

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Aleksander Gierymski was a representative of Realism as well as an important precursor of Impressionism in Poland.

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Aleksander Gierymski completed Secondary State School nr III in Warsaw in 1867, and in the same year commenced drawing studies in Warsaw.

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Aleksander Gierymski received a commendation for his diploma work The Merchant of Venice.

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Greatest period for Aleksander Gierymski was between the years 1879 -1888 which he spent in Warsaw.

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Paintings, which Aleksander Gierymski made in this period, for example, Jewish women selling oranges; The Old Town Gate, Solec's Marina, The Feast of Trumpets and Sandblasters and others are based on the lives of poor people from two districts in Warsaw – Powisle and Old Town.

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Aleksander Gierymski was frequently painting at night, which allowed him to paint objects under artificial light, such as .

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Aleksander Gierymski came back to Poland in 1893 and stayed till 1895, in order to apply for a position at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.

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Aleksander Gierymski looked at the world with the eye of a naturalist, despite his hot-temper.

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Aleksander Gierymski's works represented realism, like Courbet's, and he wasn't afraid to represent all matters of life, including the lives of humble people.

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Aleksander Gierymski was buried at the Campo Verano Cemetery in Rome on 10 March 1901.

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