41 Facts About Aleksei Oleinik


Alexey Alexeyevich Oleinik was born on June 25,1977, as Oleksiy Oleksiyovych Oliynyk and is a Russian mixed martial artist and combat sambo fighter who fought for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, competing in their heavyweight division.

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Aleksei Oleinik began his professional fighting career in 1997, and is a veteran of M-1 Global, ProFC and IAFC and has competed for Bellator, KSW and YAMMA Pit Fighting.

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Aleksei Oleinik is the only fighter to win a UFC fight via Ezekiel choke, and has done so twice.

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Aleksei Oleinik holds the record for most Ezekiel choke wins in MMA competition, with fourteen.

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Aleksei Oleinik made his return to grappling in a superfight against multiple-time World Champion Gordon Ryan on December 12,2019 at Quintet: Ultra.

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Aleksei Oleinik originally started MMA to prove himself to be strong.

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Aleksei Oleinik represented Russia for the Imperial Team in the M-1 Challenge 2009 season, where he defeated Sang Soo Lee.

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Aleksei Oleinik fought Robin Gracie trained Spanish BJJ black belt Rogent Lloret in a fight that ended in a draw.

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Aleksei Oleinik faced Mike Hayes in the opening round and won the match via a split decision.

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Aleksei Oleinik lost via TKO, the referee stopped the fight at 0:45 of the opening round.

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In November 2013 Aleksei Oleinik announced that he signed a contract with the UFC, and was expected to face Jared Rosholt on January 25,2014, at UFC on Fox 10.

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However, Aleksei Oleinik was forced out of the bout with an injury and Rosholt was pulled from the card altogether.

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Aleksei Oleinik won the fight via scarf hold headlock submission early in the first round.

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Aleksei Oleinik said he has no intention of retiring and expects a possible return sometime in the middle of 2016.

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Aleksei Oleinik next faced Daniel Omielanczuk on July 13,2016, at UFC Fight Night 91.

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Aleksei Oleinik next faced Viktor Pesta on January 15,2017, at UFC Fight Night 103.

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Aleksei Oleinik won the fight in the first round via Ezekiel choke, the first in UFC history and was awarded a Performance of the Night bonus.

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However, the Ezekiel choke technique was not new to Aleksei Oleinik, who had already won 12 fights by the same submission earlier in his career.

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Aleksei Oleinik dropped Browne with a right hook in the first round and showed his superior grappling when he won the fight via submission, due to a rear-naked choke in the second round.

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Aleksei Oleinik won the fight in the first round via Ezekiel choke, marking his second win via this rare choke in the UFC.

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Aleksei Oleinik was briefly linked to a bout with Fabricio Werdum on September 15,2018, at UFC Fight Night 136.

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Aleksei Oleinik won the fight via rear-naked choke submission in the first round.

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Aleksei Oleinik was expected to face Walt Harris on May 4,2019, at UFC Fight Night 150.

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Aleksei Oleinik faced Alistair Overeem on 20 April 2019 at UFC Fight Night 149, replacing Alexander Volkov.

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Aleksei Oleinik lost the fight via technical knockout in round one.

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Aleksei Oleinik won the fight via a submission in the second round.

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Aleksei Oleinik was scheduled to face Fabricio Werdum on May 9,2020, at UFC 250.

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Aleksei Oleinik stated that he wanted a manager that would focus on all fighters, not just the top two or three fighters in their stable.

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Aleksei Oleinik faced Derrick Lewis on August 8,2020, at UFC Fight Night 174.

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Aleksei Oleinik lost the fight via technical knockout in round two.

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Aleksei Oleinik faced Chris Daukaus on February 20,2021, at UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs Lewis.

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Aleksei Oleinik lost the fight via technical knockout in round one.

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Aleksei Oleinik faced Sergey Spivak on June 19,2021, at UFC on ESPN 25.

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Aleksei Oleinik was scheduled to face Greg Hardy on January 22,2022, at UFC 270.

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However, Aleksei Oleinik withdrew from the event for undisclosed reasons and he was replaced by Sergey Spivak.

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Aleksei Oleinik was scheduled to face Ilir Latifi on March 26,2022, at UFC Fight Night 205.

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Aleksei Oleinik won the bout via scarf hold submission in the first round.

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On October 10,2022, it was announced that Aleksei Oleinik was released from UFC after completing his contract.

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Aleksei Oleinik is married and has 5 children between the ages of 5 and 19.

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Aleksei Oleinik is a naturalised Russian citizen, and expressed support towards Russia following its 2014 military intervention in Ukraine.

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Aleksei Oleinik wore a shirt with Putin's face and as a result was denied entry into Ukraine.

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