14 Facts About Aleksi Eeben


Aleksi Eeben is best known for his musical contributions to the demoscene under the alias Heatbeat, where he has composed hundreds of modules using music tracker software and developed his own tools.


Aleksi Eeben has composed for video games, and was employed as a sound designer at Nokia between 2002 and 2015, creating many ringtones and sounds.


Aleksi Eeben's brother is Konsta Mikkonen, a demoscene musician and dance producer known under the alias Muffler.


Aleksi Eeben joined the demoscene group Rebels in 1990, and later formed his own group Carillon, which merged with Cyberiad to form the group CNCD.


Aleksi Eeben composed hundreds of tracks for demos and competitions, as well as the soundtrack for the Amiga game Elfmania.


Aleksi Eeben later became inactive in the demoscene, although continued to compose music, while his younger brother continued being active composing music in the demoscene.


Aleksi Eeben developed a music tracker for the Game Boy Color titled Carillon Editor, as well as demos for the system.


Aleksi Eeben developed Polly Tracker in 2004, a 4 channel MOD tracker for the Commodore 64 and Sid Vicious in 2006, a software emulator of the Commodore 64's SID chip for the VIC-20.


Aleksi Eeben has returned to developing Game Boy software, including the monophonic synthesizer Carina in 2022; funding was supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


Aleksi Eeben maintains an archive of tools and software he developed for 8-bit systems, titled Aleksi's Eight Bit Shed.


Aleksi Eeben later served as the creative director of ringtone sets on Lumia models, which included a selection of ringtones performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and conducted by David Hernando Rico.


Aleksi Eeben developed a Windows Phone app in 2014 named Nokia Tones, which includes 1000 Nokia ringtones.


Aleksi Eeben has released a large number of solo albums and EPs, as well as participating in collaborative albums by CNCD.


Aleksi Eeben later released non-chiptune albums through the label, and has released albums through the Kahvi net label.