30 Facts About Alena Leonova


Alena Igorevna Leonova is a retired Russian figure skater.

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Alena Leonova is the 2012 World silver medalist, the 2011 Grand Prix Final bronze medalist, the 2009 World Junior champion, and a three-time Russian national medalist.

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Alena Igorevna Leonova was born on 23 November 1990 in Saint Petersburg.

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Alena Leonova has a sister and brother, both of whom skated when they were young.

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Alena Leonova won the silver medal at the 2008 Russian Junior Championships.

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Alena Leonova then won gold at the 2009 World Junior Championships.

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Alena Leonova won the bronze medal at the 2009 Cup of Russia and the silver medal at the 2009 NHK Trophy.

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Alena Leonova then won the silver medal at the 2010 Russian Championships and was selected to compete at the 2010 Winter Olympics, where she placed ninth.

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Alena Leonova concluded her season by placing 13th at the 2010 World Championships.

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Alena Leonova started her season at the 2010 Coupe de Nice where she won the gold medal.

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Alena Leonova won the bronze medal at the 2012 Russian Championships.

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Alena Leonova placed first in the short program at the 2012 World Championships on her way to her first World medal, a silver.

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Alena Leonova was named Russia's team captain at the 2012 World Team Trophy.

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Alena Leonova placed sixth at her next Grand Prix event, the 2012 Rostelecom Cup.

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Alena Leonova's coach attributed Leonova's poor performances at the events to worn out equipment.

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Alena Leonova finished seventh at the 2013 Russian Championships where she competed with a new long program that was put together one week before the competition.

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Alena Leonova was not assigned to the 2013 European Championships because Nikol Gosviani placed ahead of Leonova amongst the age-eligible ladies.

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Alena Leonova returned to her long program from the previous season and finished thirteenth at the event.

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Alena Leonova competed in her second event, at the 2013 NHK Trophy and finished seventh.

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At the 2014 Russian Championships, Alena Leonova placed fourth in the short and seventh in the free, finishing fifth overall.

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Alena Leonova was assigned to the 2014 European Championships because the skaters in third and fourth place were not yet age-eligible for senior ISU Championship events.

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Alena Leonova was coached by Morozov in Novogorsk, Moscow until the end of the season.

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In June 2014, Alena Leonova began training under Evgeni Rukavicin in Saint Petersburg.

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Alena Leonova then finished ninth at the 2016 Russian Championships.

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Alena Leonova ended her season with a win at the Russian Cup Final.

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Alena Leonova Finished sixth in the 2017 NHK Trophy, earning personal best scores in the free skate and overall score.

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Alena Leonova was not selected for a place on the Russian National Team.

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Alena Leonova was invited to the 2018 NHK Trophy after Elena Radionova withdrew due to injury.

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Alena Leonova finished seventh in the most competitive event of the Grand Prix season, achieving new personal bests in the short program and total score.

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Alena Leonova is renowned for either superb technical ability, great style or artistic abilities, or noteworthy consistency, but she increasingly has gained recognition and praise for her unique choreography, on ice personality and delivery of her programs, and speed and attack.

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