89 Facts About Alex Ferguson

1. Sir Alex Ferguson lives in a mansion in Wilmslow, Cheshire called Fairfields named after the shipyard where his father worked.

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2. Alex Ferguson was born on 31 December 1941 on Shieldhall Road, Govan at his grandmother's home.

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3. Alex Ferguson was a big Labour donor and advised Tony Blair on leadership.

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4. Alex Ferguson bonded with Brown over a shared interest in US politics.

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5. Alex Ferguson was named the Premier League Manager of the Year on 11 occasions.

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6. In 2003, Alex Ferguson received the Manager of the Decade award, presented by the FA Premier League to mark the first 10 years of the Premiership.

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7. Alex Ferguson took over as boss of the renowned but underachieving Manchester United club in November 1986.

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8. Alex Ferguson turned professional after joining Dunfermline Athletic in the summer of 1964.

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9. Alex Ferguson was born on December 31, 1941, in Glasgow, Scotland, and made a name for himself playing soccer for Dunfermline Athletic.

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10. Alex Ferguson had formulated his plan of attack on the plane from Heathrow.

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11. Sir Alex Ferguson thought he was better than Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand as teenagers.

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12. Alex Ferguson is the Vice-President of the National Football Museum, based in Manchester, and a member of the Executive Committee of the League Managers Association.

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13. Alex Ferguson objected to the self-imposed rule by the Yes Scotland campaign against accepting donations from people living outside Scotland of more than £500, which they urged the No campaign to adopt.

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14. Alex Ferguson criticised the Scottish Government, and First Minister Alex Salmond, for their decision to exclude Scots living outside Scotland, but within the rest of the United Kingdom, from voting in the referendum.

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15. Alex Ferguson lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire with his wife, Cathy.

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16. On 14 October 2013, Alex Ferguson attended a ceremony where a road near Old Trafford was renamed from Water's Reach to Sir Alex Ferguson Way.

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17. On 25 August 2011, Alex Ferguson met with BBC director general Mark Thompson and BBC North director Peter Salmon; the result of the meeting was that Ferguson agreed to end his seven-year boycott.

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18. Alex Ferguson ended the season by winning his 12th and Manchester United's 19th league title and thus overtaking Liverpool's record of 18.

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19. Alex Ferguson was charged by The FA with improper conduct, which he decided to contest.

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20. Alex Ferguson replaced the defender with Laurent Blanc, a long sought-after target.

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21. Alex Ferguson met the player and his agent in Manchester to discuss formalities and was informed of Van Nistelrooy's troubled right knee.

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22. Alex Ferguson monitored the progress of Ruud van Nistelrooy, "a striker of the highest calibre".

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23. Alex Ferguson contemplated his team selection against Bayern Munich; suspensions to Scholes and Keane ruled both players out of the match.

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24. Alex Ferguson made at least one approach for the Sheffield Wednesday striker David Hirst, but manager Trevor Francis rejected all offers and the player stayed put.

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25. Alex Ferguson had added the Ukrainian Andrei Kanchelskis to the right wing, giving him a more attacking alternative to older midfielders Mike Phelan and Bryan Robson.

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26. Alex Ferguson made two major signings—goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel and defender Paul Parker—to bolster his side.

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27. Alex Ferguson was dissatisfied with the atmosphere at Aberdeen matches, and deliberately created a "siege mentality" by accusing the Scottish media of being biased towards the Glasgow clubs, to motivate the team.

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28. Alex Ferguson was still a strict disciplinarian, though, and his players nicknamed him "Furious Fergie".

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29. Alex Ferguson was blamed for a goal conceded in the 1969 Scottish Cup Final, in a match in which he was designated to mark Celtic captain, Billy McNeill, and was forced to play for the club's junior side instead of for the first team.

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30. Alex Ferguson began his football career with Harmony Row Boys Club in Govan, before progressing to Drumchapel Amateurs, a youth club with a strong reputation for producing senior footballers.

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31. Alex Ferguson was knighted in the 1999 Queen's Birthday Honours list, for his services to the game.

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32. Alex Ferguson has been starting at shooting guard for OKC, so without him we should see more of Alex Abrines and Hamidou Diallo.

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33. Sir Alex Ferguson developed a reputation for being a bit of an angry manager and Gary Neville has revealed the fiery Scot was not happy when Ruud van Nistelrooy swapped shirts in the Manchester derby in 2002.

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34. Alex Ferguson is not with the team, as he's been excused due to a personal.

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35. Alex Ferguson is out Saturday against the Suns for personal reasons, Maddie Lee of The Oklahoman reports.

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36. Sir Alex Ferguson will forever be remembered as one of the greatest managers—if not *the* greatest manager—in football history.

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37. Gary Neville explains why Sir Alex Ferguson really hated infamous Man Utd grey kit.

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38. Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the most renowned soccer coaches in history, having coached Manchester United for nearly 30 years and through.

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39. Alex Ferguson earned her bachelor's degree from Roger Williams In reference to a lawsuit that he is representing Alex and Ani over, Geragos said, "For lack of a better word, we've got a couple of knuckleheads, [and] it's not at the forefront of anything.

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40. Alex Ferguson worked closely with the York-born journalist who spent much of his career at.

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41. Sir Alex Ferguson tried every trick in the book to sign Joe Cole, reveals Harry Redknapp.

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42. Alex Ferguson was the man whose instinctive genius helped turn Manchester.

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43. Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates his birthday today and to mark the occasion, Sportsmail has picked out 71 of the Scot's best soundbites from his time as Manchester United manager.

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44. Alex Ferguson was named as Manchester United's new manager on this day 32 years ago.

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45. Sir Alex Ferguson left Man Utd 5 years ago but his spirit keeps club on top-4 cusp.

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46. Sir Alex Ferguson was renowned for his famous 'hairdryer treatment'.

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47. Alex Ferguson won the European Cup twice, and on both occasions the XI he picked.

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48. In 2017, Alex Ferguson was named among the 10 most influential coaches since the foundation of UEFA in 1954.

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49. Alex Ferguson won 10 manager of the year awards, 27 manager of the month awards and managed the most games in the UEFA Champions League.

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50. Alex Ferguson is the joint-most decorated manager in European football competitions with seven honours, a record he shares with Giovanni Trapattoni and Carlo Ancelotti.

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51. In 2003, Alex Ferguson became an inaugural recipient of the FA Coaching Diploma, awarded to all coaches who had at least ten years' experience of being a manager or head coach.

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52. Alex Ferguson was made an Inaugural Inductee of the English Football Hall of Fame in 2002 in recognition of his impact on the English game as a manager.

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53. In 2009 Alex Ferguson received an honorary doctorate in business administration from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

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54. In 1998 Alex Ferguson was named in a list of the biggest private financial donors to the Labour Party.

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55. Alex Ferguson refused to give interviews to the BBC after a documentary called Fergie and Son was shown on BBC Three on 27 May 2004.

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56. In 2003, Alex Ferguson launched legal action against the then major United shareholder John Magnier over stud rights for race horse Rock of Gibraltar.

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57. On 5 April 2003, Alex Ferguson claimed that the Champions League draw was fixed in favour of Spanish and Italian teams.

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58. Alex Ferguson allegedly kicked a football boot in frustration, which hit the player in the face and caused a minor injury to Beckham.

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59. In 2003, Alex Ferguson was involved in a dressing room argument with United player David Beckham.

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60. In his 1999 autobiography, Alex Ferguson stated that Strachan "could not be trusted an inch—I would not want to expose my back to him in a hurry".

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61. Alex Ferguson thought that Strachan did not play for United with the same confidence he had in Scotland and subsequently sold him to Leeds United in 1989.

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62. Alex Ferguson said that he believed although "there was a cunning streak in Strachan, I had never imagined that he could pull such a stroke on me".

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63. In April 2014, it was announced that Alex Ferguson would be taking up a "long-term teaching position" at Harvard University, where he would be lecturing on a new course titled "The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports".

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64. In January 2014, Alex Ferguson was appointed as the UEFA Coaching Ambassador, and said it was "an honour and a privilege" to be given the role.

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65. Alex Ferguson released his second autobiography in October 2013 called My Autobiography.

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66. On 2 September 2012, Alex Ferguson managed his 1,000th league game with United against Southampton.

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67. Alex Ferguson was subsequently charged by The FA with improper conduct, which he decided to contest.

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68. Alex Ferguson celebrated the 20th anniversary of his appointment as manager of Manchester United on 6 November 2006.

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69. Alex Ferguson was so impressed with Queiroz after their first meeting, he offered him the job "right away".

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70. In June 2002, Alex Ferguson appointed Carlos Queiroz as his new assistant.

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71. Alex Ferguson felt United's bid to regain the Premier League began indifferently because of their commitments to other competitions.

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72. Alex Ferguson instructed Eric Harrison and Les Kershaw to find suitable replacements, "in terms of coaching ability and work ethic.

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73. Alex Ferguson wanted to strengthen the squad's attacking options and identified Aston Villa's Dwight Yorke as his main target.

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74. Alex Ferguson described him as "the best all-round player in the game" after the team's 1997 FA Charity Shield win and believed Keane had "all the right ingredients" to succeed from Cantona.

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75. Alex Ferguson felt that United had a number of young players who were ready to play in the first team.

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76. Alex Ferguson was voted Manager of the Year by the League Managers' Association.

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77. Alex Ferguson appointed Archie Knox, his assistant at Aberdeen, as his assistant at Manchester United in 1986.

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78. Alex Ferguson was appointed manager at Old Trafford on 6 November 1986.

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79. Alex Ferguson promptly agreed to take charge of the Scottish national side against the Australians and subsequently at the World Cup.

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80. Alex Ferguson had been part of coaching staff for the Scottish national side during qualifying for the 1986 World Cup, but manager Jock Stein had collapsed and died on 10 September 1985—at the end of the game in which Scotland qualified from their group for a play-off against Australia.

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81. Alex Ferguson was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 1985 New Year Honours, and was offered the managers' jobs at Rangers and Arsenal during the season.

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82. Alex Ferguson was offered the manager's job at Wolverhampton Wanderers but turned it down as he felt that Wolves were in trouble and "[his] ambitions at Aberdeen were not even half fulfilled".

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83. Alex Ferguson joined Aberdeen as manager in June 1978, replacing Billy McNeill who had only managed the club for one season before he was offered the chance to manage Celtic.

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84. In 1977, Alex Ferguson turned down the manager's job at Aberdeen.

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85. Alex Ferguson told journalist Jim Rodger of the Daily Mirror that he had asked at least one member of the squad to go to Aberdeen with him.

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86. In June 1974, Alex Ferguson was appointed manager of East Stirlingshire, at the comparatively young age of 32.

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87. Alex Ferguson is the longest serving manager of Manchester United, having overtaken Sir Matt Busby's record on 19 December 2010.

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88. Alex Ferguson was appointed manager of Manchester United in November 1986.

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89. Alex Ferguson played as a forward for several Scottish clubs, including Dunfermline Athletic and Rangers.

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