10 Facts About Alex Honnold


Alex Honnold is the author of the memoir Alone on the Wall and the subject of the 2018 biographical documentary Free Solo, which won a BAFTA and an Academy Award.

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Alex Honnold started climbing in a climbing gym at the age of 5 and was climbing "many times a week" by age 10.

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Alex Honnold participated in many national and international youth climbing championships as a teenager.

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Alex Honnold dropped out of Berkeley and spent time living at home and driving around California to go climbing.

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Alex Honnold gained mainstream recognition after his 2008 solo of the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome was featured in the film Alone on the Wall and a subsequent 60 Minutes interview.

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Alex Honnold is a vegetarian, and he does not drink alcohol or use drugs.

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Alex Honnold is an avid reader with interests in classic literature, environmentalism, and economics, and he describes himself as an anti-religion atheist and a feminist.

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Alex Honnold met Sanni McCandless at a book signing in 2015; they became a couple soon after.

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Dierdre Wolownick, Alex Honnold's mother, started climbing at age 60 and is the oldest woman to climb El Capitan .

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In 2012, Alex Honnold began giving away one-third of his income to solar projects that increased energy access world-wide.

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