11 Facts About Alex Meruelo


Alex Meruelo was born on March 27,1964 and is a Cuban-American billionaire who holds business interests in banking, real estate, media, restaurants, food, casinos, and professional sports.

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Alex Meruelo is the owner of Meruelo Group, as well as Meruelo Media, which owns five radio stations and two television stations in Los Angeles.

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Alex Meruelo's parents were accountants who fled the Castro regime.

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Alex Meruelo's family moved to Los Angeles, California, where they held a bridal shop and invested in local real estate.

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Alex Meruelo started to invest in real estate at an early age, and eventually sold a plot of land in Riverside to Walmart, making him a millionaire in his early 20s.

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Alex Meruelo bought a failing pizza restaurant, and called his new business La Pizza Loca.

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Alex Meruelo Group has ownership of Neal Electric Corp, Select Electric Inc, and Doty Bros within the Southern California area.

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Alex Meruelo purchased food manufacturer and the largest provider and distributor of pre-packaged sushi in the United States Fuji Food in 2009.

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In September 2011, Alex Meruelo announced a $25 million investment in the renovation of the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada.

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In February 2013, the Alex Meruelo Group made a bid to buy Donald Trump's Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino for $20 million.

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On June 28,2019, The Meruelo Group and Alex Meruelo announced plans to rename the SLS Hotel as The Sahara Las Vegas.

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