20 Facts About Alex Shane


In 1999, Alex Shane was taken under the wing of Dino Scarlo and Jody Fleisch.


Alex Shane worked the company's second show and later became the British Heavyweight Champion.


Alex Shane opened his own wrestling school, Capital City Pro Wrestling.


CCPW became the official London home of the FWA, and Alex Shane became further involved in the company by helping to run the first-ever FWA London show in Barking, Essex in 2001.


Alex Shane soon became a regular co-host and helped the show become the UK's first fully fledged national wrestling radio show.


Alex Shane later replaced Boyd with a brand new show: Wrestle-Talk.


In October 2002, Alex Shane teamed with Ulf Herman to defeat the UK Pitbulls and win the FWA Tag Team Championship.

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The match was a variant of Last Man Standing, and resulted in Alex Shane losing his nickname to the new "Showstealer", Nathan Cruz.


Alex Shane would continue his career in wrestling promoting, presenting the International Showdown event at the Coventry Skydome.


In March 2006, Alex Shane was announced as the new head of European Marketing and promotion for Ring of Honor.


In June 2008, Alex Shane promoted a four-day UK tour for TNA, in which he returned to the ring in a surprise one shot deal for the International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom promotion in South England to face Martin Stone.


Alex Shane has said in interviews that he plans to use Singh as a spring board to bring wrestling to India.


In early 2009, Alex Shane made a shocking return to IPW:UK, winning the annual "Extreme Measures" tournament.


Alex Shane then went on to work as the creative and promotions director of the new FWA from August 2009 until September 2011.


Alex Shane is the creator and producer of WrestleTalk TV, which ran for seven series on Sky channel Challenge between mid-2012 and early 2016.


Alex Shane was the colour commentator for What Culture Pro Wrestling.


Alex Shane favoured the heels during matches, in keeping with his heel persona when he was an active wrestler.


Alex Shane was the co-host and commentator of ITV's World of Sport Wrestling series, alongside WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross.


When World of Sport Wrestling returned to ITV1 as a series in 2018, Alex Shane continued as commentator, this time alongside SoCal Val and Stu Bennett.


Alex Shane is the creator and producer of Sky TV show Wrestle Talk TV.