17 Facts About Alexa Demie


Alexa Demie was raised by her mother, Rose Mendez, a make-up artist whose family immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico when she was an infant and who got pregnant with Demie at an "extremely young" age.


Alexa Demie has said that she "didn't grow up with the best male figures in [her] life" or "much respect for men".


Alexa Demie lived in an apartment across the street from a meth lab and next door to several meth addicts, with the Black Eyed Peas recording studio being around the corner from her.


From elementary to high school, Alexa Demie was bullied by her classmates, describing herself during that time as "quite a loner".


Alexa Demie got involved with performing arts in high school during her senior year.


Alexa Demie had plans to become a fashion designer but after attending orientation for an art school in New York, she decided against it.


Alexa Demie made her first onscreen appearance as a video vixen in Azealia Banks' 2013 music video for the song "ATM Jam".

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Alexa Demie's professional acting career began with a role in the 2015 short film Miles, through which she found an agency to represent her.


Alexa Demie went on to guest star on the television series Ray Donovan and Love, guest starring on the second season of the drama television series The OA as Ingrid, a bilingual gamer.


Alexa Demie appeared in the music video for JMSN's 2017 song "Slide" and made her debut feature film appearance in the 2017 comedy-drama film Brigsby Bear, in which she played Merideth.


Alexa Demie gained attention with her supporting role in the 2018 film Mid90s, written and directed by Jonah Hill, as Esmee, the protagonist's love interest.


Alexa Demie was called the breakout star of Euphoria by critics.


Alexa Demie went on to star in the 2019 film Waves as Alexis, a party girl who is impregnated by her boyfriend, a popular but troubled high school wrestler played by Kelvin Harrison Jr.


Alexa Demie watched videos about codependency and drew on her own experience with an emotionally abusive relationship between her and a high school boyfriend, which she described as "very codependent", as the basis for the film's relationship.


Alexa Demie appeared in the comedy-drama film Mainstream in 2020 as a game show audience member named Isabelle Roberts, and made a cameo in The Neighbourhood's video for their 2020 song "Stargazing".


In Nineteen on Fire, a 2021 short film written and directed by Ryan Simpkins, Alexa Demie played a drug dealer.


Alexa Demie is set to be a voice actor in the upcoming animated series Fables.