19 Facts About Alexander Cartwright


Alexander Cartwright was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a pioneering contributor to the game, 46 years after his death.

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Alexander Cartwright first worked at the age of 16 in 1836 as a clerk for a Wall Street broker, later doing clerical work at the Union Bank of New York.

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Alexander Cartwright himself was a volunteer, first with Oceana Hose Company No 36, and then Knickerbocker Engine Company No 12.

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Alexander Cartwright's ancestor Thomas Alexander Cartwright, of Aynho Park, Northamptonshire was an English landowner and Tory politician, who sat in the English and British House of Commons between 1695 and 1748.

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In 1842, Alexander Cartwright led the establishment of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, a breakaway group from the Gothams.

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Alexander Cartwright is erroneously credited for introducing flat bases at uniform distances, three strikes per batter, and nine players in the outfield.

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Alex Alexander Cartwright did not set the base paths at ninety feet, the sides at nine men, or the game at nine innings.

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In 1849, Alexander Cartwright headed to California for the gold rush, and then continued on to work and live in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

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Alexander Cartwright's family came to join him in 1851: wife Eliza Van Wie, son DeWitt, daughter Mary, and daughter Catherine Lee.

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Some secondary sources claim Alexander Cartwright set up a baseball field on the island of Oahu at Makiki Field in 1852, but Nucciarone states that before 1866, the modern game of baseball was not known or even played in Honolulu.

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Alexander Cartwright served as fire chief of Honolulu from 1850 through June 30,1863.

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Alexander Cartwright was an advisor to King David Kalakaua and Queen Emma.

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Alexander Cartwright died on July 12,1892, six months before the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893.

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Alexander Cartwright was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1938.

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The primary complaint is that touting Alexander Cartwright as the "true" inventor of the modern game was an effort to find an alternative single individual to counter the "invention" of baseball by Abner Doubleday.

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Alexander Cartwright was the subject of a 1973 biography, The Man Who Invented Baseball, by Harold Peterson.

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Alexander Cartwright was the subject of two biographies written in 2009.

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The Alexander Cartwright Cup is awarded to the Hawaii state high school baseball champions each year.

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Alexander Cartwright was not a participant at the 1857 meeting, as he was living in Hawaii.

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