35 Facts About Alexander Dimitrenko


Alexander Viktorovych "Sascha" Dimitrenko is a Ukrainian-born German former professional boxer who competed from 2001 to 2019, and held the European heavyweight title from 2010 to 2011.


Alexander Dimitrenko made his professional debut on 8 December 2001, stopping Marcus Johnson in four rounds on the undercard of the fight between Vitali Klitschko and Ross Puritty.


Alexander Dimitrenko compiled a record of 14 wins in 14 bouts, ending 10 of them inside the distance, 8 of them - inside the first two rounds.


Alexander Dimitrenko was then scheduled to face his first notable opponent, Ross Puritty.


Alexander Dimitrenko outboxed Puritty for the majority of the fight, staying on the outside and keeping his opponent at the end of his jab.


Alexander Dimitrenko was knocked down in the second round but dominated his opponent throughout the rest of the fight.


Alexander Dimitrenko then agreed to face Vaughn Bean on September 28,2005 as part of the card dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of former world heavyweight champion Max Schmeling, with the main event of the night being the WBO world heavyweight title fight between Luan Krasniqi and Lamon Brewster.

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Alexander Dimitrenko, regarded as a popular commodity in Germany at the time, was considered to be an adequate replacement for Sturm.


Alexander Dimitrenko won by a shut-out unanimous decision, knocking Zumbrun down in the first round and dominating him throughout the rest of the fight.


Alexander Dimitrenko was ranked No 4 heavyweight contender by WBO.


Alexander Dimitrenko then had two stay-busy fights in the first half of 2007, defeating American heavyweights Danny Batchelder and Malcolm Tann by mid-fight TKOs.


Alexander Dimitrenko then signed to face Timo Hoffmann on 17 November 2007.


Alexander Dimitrenko weighed in at 253.5 pounds and was outweighed by Hoffmann by 5.5 pounds.


At the beginning of the fourth round, Alexander Dimitrenko unleashed a barrage of punches that sent Hoffmann to the canvas.


Alexander Dimitrenko unleashed another barrage of punches in the twelfth round, knocking Hoffmann down again.


Alexander Dimitrenko then threw a series of unanswered shots, prompting the referee to stop the bout after Hoffmann was dropped again, with 36 seconds left to the end of the fight.


Alexander Dimitrenko became the first boxer to defeat Timo Hoffmann inside the distance.


Alexander Dimitrenko was ranked No 2 contender by WBO, No 3 by WBC and No 7 contender by WBA and IBF.


At the time of the fight, Chambers was ranked No 6 heavyweight contender by The Ring, while Alexander Dimitrenko was ranked No 8 by the same publication.


Alexander Dimitrenko was ranked within top 5 by all major sanctioning bodies.


Alexander Dimitrenko was outboxed for most of the fight, visibly unprepared for Chambers' unusually aggressive approach.


Alexander Dimitrenko received a standing count in the seventh round after a left hook to the body, and was knocked down in the tenth after another left hook, this time to the chin.


Alexander Dimitrenko dismissed these criticisms, claiming that Krasniqi, despite the long stretch of inactivity, was still a dangerous, highly experienced fighter.


In February 2012, Alexander Dimitrenko announced that he had terminated his contract with Universum Box-Promotion.


Pulev and his trainer Otto Ramin expected a tough fight although Alexander Dimitrenko had not fought since September 2011.

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Alexander Dimitrenko started the fight well, using his height and reach to his advantage.


Alexander Dimitrenko moved well on his feet to avoid punishment.


Alexander Dimitrenko would spend more than two years out of the sport, from March 2013 to May 2015.


Alexander Dimitrenko made his return on 30 May 2015, defeating Patryk Kowoll by first-round TKO.


Alexander Dimitrenko was slated to face former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs in May 2016, but this fell through.


On 1 October 2016, Alexander Dimitrenko was knocked out in three rounds by Joseph Parker.


On 18 March 2017, in an upset, Alexander Dimitrenko knocked out undefeated heavyweight contender Adrian Granat in the first round to win the IBF International heavyweight title.


On 18 August 2018, Alexander Dimitrenko, ranked No 10 heavyweight contender by the IBF at the time, faced Bryant Jennings, ranked No 8 by the WBO and No 11 by the WBA.


Alexander Dimitrenko seemed disinterested during the fight, as Andy Ruiz Jr was dominating for most of the rounds.


On 13 July 2019, Alexander Dimitrenko faced former Olympic gold medal winner Tony Yoka.