18 Facts About Alexander Rutskoy


Alexander Vladimirovich Rutskoy is a Russian politician and a former Soviet military officer, Major General of Aviation .

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Alexander Rutskoy served as the only vice president of Russia from 10 July 1991 to 4 October 1993 and as the governor of Kursk Oblast from 1996 to 2000.

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In September 1993, Alexander Rutskoy was proclaimed the acting president of Russia following Boris Yeltsin's impeachment which led to the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993 where he played one of the key roles.

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Alexander Rutskoy was born in Proskuriv, Ukrainian SSR, USSR .

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Alexander Rutskoy graduated from High Air Force School in Barnaul and Gagarin Air Force Academy in Moscow .

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Alexander Rutskoy had reached the rank of Soviet Air Force colonel when he was sent to Afghanistan.

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Alexander Rutskoy ejected safely, but was captured by local people and was briefly held as a POW in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Alexander Rutskoy was chosen by Boris Yeltsin to be his vice-presidential running mate in the 1991 Russian presidential election.

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Alexander Rutskoy's candidacy was chosen by Yeltsin on the very last day of the application.

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Alexander Rutskoy was Vice President of Russia from 10 July 1991 before arrest 4 October 1993.

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In October 1991 Alexander Rutskoy went to Kiev in order to negotiate the price of Russian natural gas exports to Ukraine, and through Ukrainian territory to Europe.

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Alexander Rutskoy publicly warned Kiev against conflict with Moscow, which both had nuclear weapons and had the ability to claim sovereignty over Crimea.

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Alexander Rutskoy claimed that Filatov reduced the number of vice presidential staff in response the day after the incident.

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Alexander Rutskoy was accused of corruption by the officials of Yeltsin's government.

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Alexander Rutskoy was imprisoned in the Moscow Lefortovo prison until 26 February 1994, when he and other participants of both the August 1991 and October 1993 crises were granted amnesty by the State Duma.

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Alexander Rutskoy decided not to run for the presidency in the 1996 election, but did run for the position of the governor of Kursk Oblast in the fall of the same year.

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Alexander Rutskoy has apologized for starting the armed rebellion, explaining that he would not have done it if he knew it would lead to several deaths.

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In December 2001, Alexander Rutskoy was sued by the Prosecutor's Office of Kursk Oblast filed a lawsuit.

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