17 Facts About Alexander Trepov


Alexander Fyodorovich Trepov was the Prime Minister of the Russian Empire from 23 November 1916 until 9 January 1917.

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Alexander Trepov was conservative, a monarchist, a member of the Russian Assembly, and an advocate of moderate reforms opposed to the influence of Grigori Rasputin.

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Alexander Trepov worked in the Ministry of the Interior, was elected Marshal of Nobility of Pereiaslavl Uezd, and assistant State Secretary .

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Alexander Trepov developed the Kirov Railway, constructed with a number of war prisoners, to improve the transport connections between the ice-free port of Murmansk with the Eastern Front during World War I The food problem in the big cities was a difficult issue.

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On 1 January 1916 Alexander Trepov became minister of Transport under Goremykin, who was succeeded shortly after by Boris Sturmer.

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Alexander Trepov had secretly designed a plan of railway construction and introduced it in Government.

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Alexander Trepov quickly established himself in office and showed that his ambition went further.

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On 10 November 1916 the bellicose Alexander Trepov was appointed new Prime Minister, promising to promote a parliamentary system, but keeping his position of Transport Minister.

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Alexander Trepov's declaration contained promises to urgently reform the municipal government, to enter the rural municipality district council and to remove national and religious restrictions to education.

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Alexander Trepov was supposed to achieve the resignation of four of the most unpopular ministers.

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Alexander Trepov had made the dismissal of Protopopov an indispensable condition of his accepting the presidency of the Council, Protopopov being a 'protege of Rasputin'.

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Alexander Trepov having failed to eliminate Protopopov tried to bribe Rasputin.

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Mosolov, his brother-in-law, Alexander Trepov offered a substantial amount of money, a bodyguard and a house to Rasputin, when he would leave politics.

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Alexander Trepov's hated Trepov and Makarov; the Tsarina even wanted Trepov hanged.

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Alexander Trepov collaborated with Count Paul von Benckendorff to protect the Imperial family.

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Alexander Trepov became president of the "Union des Organisations monarchiques russes".

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In 1921 he and his brother-in-law Alexander Trepov Mosolov participated in the "Congres monarchiste russe", organized in Bad Reichenhall.

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