34 Facts About Alexandra Billings


Alexandra Scott Billings was born on March 28,1962 and is an American actress, teacher, and singer.


Alexandra Billings is known for portraying the recurring character Davina in the Amazon series Transparent and has played transgender characters in ER, Eli Stone, How to Get Away with Murder, Grey's Anatomy and The Conners.


Alexandra Billings was born in Illinois into a multiracial family; she is of European American, African American, and Native American ancestry.


Alexandra Billings' father, Robert Alexandra Billings, was a music teacher at Los Angeles Harbor College and the musical director for the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera, which influenced her interest in theater.


Alexandra Billings assisted, working backstage with Carol Burnett and Yul Brynner.


Alexandra Billings served as a judge of the Miss Continental pageant in 2000 and 2001.


Alexandra Billings has collaborated on plays with such notable authors as Larry Kramer, Tina Landau, and Jamie Pachino.


Alexandra Billings has received one Joseph Jefferson Award and five After Dark Awards for her work in Chicago Theatre.


Alexandra Billings is a former artistic associate of About Face Theatre.


Alexandra Billings performed in a pair of Billy Bermingham-written satirical farces at the Torso Theatre during the 1990s titled Shannen Doherty Shoots a Porno: A Shockumentary and Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack, starring in the latter.


Alexandra Billings is a professional singer who performs in theaters and nightclubs throughout the United States.


Alexandra Billings recorded her second CD, The Story Goes On, in 2003.


Alexandra Billings was a recipient of the New York MAC Hanson Award for Cabaret Artist of the Year in 2004.


Alexandra Billings is the first openly transgender person to star in the show.


Alexandra Billings has appeared in the 2005 made-for-TV movie Romy and Michelle: A New Beginning.


Alexandra Billings has played transgender characters in episodes of Karen Sisco, ER, Eli Stone and Grey's Anatomy.


In 2010, Alexandra Billings appeared in the film FAUX, in which she commented on gay marriage spurring the economy.


In 2015, Alexandra Billings appeared on season two, episode six of How to Get Away with Murder as Professor Jill Hartford.


In 2017, transgender actors and actresses, including Alexandra Billings, were part of a film aimed at Hollywood producers, written by Jen Richards, asking for more and improved roles for transgender people.


In 2018, Alexandra Billings played a recurring role as judge Martha Wallace in the second season of Goliath.


Alexandra Billings received wider recognition for her role as Davina in the Amazon series Transparent.


From 2020, Alexandra Billings appeared in a recurring role as Robin, a transgender supervisor at Wellman Plastics and mentor to Darlene Conner on ABC's The Conners.


Alexandra Billings had a recurring role as Inspector Ainsley Lowbeer in the 2022 Amazon Prime Video science fiction series The Peripheral.


Alexandra Billings has taught Viewpoints, a theater method, at the Steppenwolf Summer School.


Alexandra Billings taught at Louis University, The University of Chicago, Illinois University, the Illinois Theatre Convention, Act One Studios, and classes and workshops around the Chicago area, as well as the Steppenwolf School West in Los Angeles California.


Alexandra Billings is a theater professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


Alexandra Billings received her MFA from CSULB, and delivered the commencement speech for CSULB College of the Arts in 2015.


Alexandra Billings is an AIDS and LGBTQ activist and advocate for the equality of the LGBTQ community and has encouraged others to use their voices to create change within the LGBTQ community.


In 2016, Alexandra Billings was awarded the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award in recognition of outstanding members of the LGBTQ community who live openly and freely in the public eye.


When delivering the commencement speech to the graduating class of the California State University, Long Beach in 2015, Alexandra Billings emphasized the importance of voice when she told the students that it is their job is to speak loud, big, and wide in order to spread their voices.


Alexandra Billings was chosen as the Grand Marshal for the Pride Parade in Chicago, Illinois on June 28,2009.


Alexandra Billings has been living with HIV since 1985, and has been an advocate for HIV health initiatives, as well as trans issues and trans rights.


Alexandra Billings has spoken about living with HIV in a number of interviews, including a 2016 article with her hometown paper.


Alexandra Billings spoke to POZ magazine for a 2003 interview about life with HIV.