10 Facts About Alexandra Borgia


Alexandra Borgia is respected among her colleagues for her intelligence and adroit manner in preparing a case for prosecution.

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Alexandra Borgia is a Christian and regularly goes to church.

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Unlike her predecessor, Alexandra Borgia often agrees with the decisions of her superiors and follows their directions regardless of her own views.

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Alexandra Borgia has a penchant for investigative work, a trait shared by Paul Robinette, whom she opposes in a case in the Season 16 episode "Birthright".

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Alexandra Borgia has a professional manner, balancing compassion for victims with adherence to legal rules and procedure.

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Alexandra Borgia's compassion helps her to get close to victims' families, as demonstrated when she bonds with a murder victim's son over their shared love of fishing.

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Alexandra Borgia is respectful and polite in her dealings with colleagues.

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Alexandra Borgia indicates her devout Catholicism as a factor in her belief in the religious transformation of a defendant and in arguing with her superiors, she highlights her belief in a Christian ideal of forgiveness.

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Alexandra Borgia's body is subsequently found in the trunk of an abandoned car, bound, brutally beaten and dead of asphyxiation after choking on her own vomit.

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Alexandra Borgia's position is filled by Connie Rubirosa beginning in season 17.

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