16 Facts About Alexandra Cabot


Alexandra Cabot is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and has an "uncle Bill" who is a federal judge.

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Alexandra Cabot receives a threat on her life, as well as that of her mother.

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Alexandra Cabot initially wants to try Zapata, even with no witness and her own life on the line, but after pressure from the SVU detectives and District Attorney Arthur Branch, she drops the charges.

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Alexandra Cabot tells the stunned detectives that she had insisted on telling them the truth before disappearing into the Witness Protection Program.

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Alexandra Cabot is replaced in the following episode by ADA Casey Novak.

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Alexandra Cabot reveals that the assumed identity she was given was that of an insurance salesperson from Tulsa, that she was living and working in Wisconsin under the name "Emily", and that she missed her mother's funeral while in hiding.

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Alexandra Cabot is reluctant to see Connors convicted of a murder he did not commit, but still wants justice and testifies against him in court.

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Alexandra Cabot plays a tough but understanding supervisor to a young group of ADAs.

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Alexandra Cabot's departure from witness protection and return to New York as a bureau chief was not explained during the show's airing, as she was a last-minute addition to the cast and most of the early episodes had already been written before she was added.

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Alexandra Cabot begins work in the Appeals Bureau until her return to SVU.

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Alexandra Cabot remains at SVU for the remainder of the season, in which she appears in six episodes in what Cabot calls a "temporary" role.

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Benson and Stabler are later informed that Alexandra Cabot had been accused of withholding evidence and is being investigated by the state bar association.

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Alexandra Cabot succeeds in getting the rapist convicted and gets the witness a visa that would allow her to remain in the United States without fear of being deported.

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Alexandra Cabot implies she knows Benson had something to do with Ellis defending Stanton.

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However, now-Lieutenant Benson discovers that Alexandra Cabot had faked Jules' and Ruby's deaths in order to help them escape their abusive home and start new lives.

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Alexandra Cabot tries to hide them again, but Benson persuades Jules to stay and help put Nick in prison.

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