23 Facts About Alexandra Shulman


Alexandra Shulman was born on 13 November 1957 and is a British journalist.

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Alexandra Shulman is a former Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue, and became the longest serving Editor in the history of the publication.

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Alexandra Shulman was born in 1957, the daughter of the critic Milton Shulman and the writer Drusilla Beyfus, who herself was a contributor to Vogue, among other publications.

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Alexandra Shulman's parents had two additional children, Nicola and Jason.

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Alexandra Shulman's brother Jason was formerly an art director for glossy magazines but is a sculptor and photographer.

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Whilst Alexandra was growing up, the Shulman family lived in Belgravia and she attended St Paul's Girls' School.

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Alexandra Shulman then took on a role in the artists and repertoire department of Arista Records which did not last very long.

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Alexandra Shulman began working at Conde Nast – Vogues publisher – upon joining Tatler in 1982, under the editorship first of Tina Brown and later Mark Boxer.

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Alexandra Shulman began working in fashion journalism at Tatler, working subsequently for The Sunday Telegraph, Vogue and the British edition of GQ, where she became editor in 1990.

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Alexandra Shulman refuses to put celebrities on the cover if they demand copy approval and picture approval, saying "I just find that so offensive".

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In 2009, Alexandra Shulman spoke out over the sample sizes leading designers were producing – some were so small they restricted Vogue using the models they wished in the magazine, resulting in some models being airbrushed to look bigger.

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Alexandra Shulman wrote to designers to draw their attention to the situation calling for larger sized samples to be produced.

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Contrary to expectations, Alexandra Shulman describes her own life as work-dominated and not particularly glamorous.

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Alexandra Shulman was a regular columnist for The Daily Telegraph newspaper, but began writing a column for the Daily Mail in 2006, which ran until 2009, when she was replaced by Liz Jones.

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In 2010, Alexandra Shulman was awarded an Honorary Master of Arts degree from the University for the Creative Arts.

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Alexandra Shulman was interviewed by Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 in June 2013.

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In 2016, Alexandra Shulman collaborated with photographer Josh Olins to shoot Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on the cover of Vogue's centenary issue.

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Alexandra Shulman stated: "last autumn I realised that I very much wanted to experience a different life and look forward to a future separate to Vogue".

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In May 2020, Alexandra Shulman was appointed as a strategic advisor to fast growing online fashion marketplace Atterley.

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Alexandra Shulman has a son, Samuel was born on 6 April 1995, and with the writer Paul Spike, whom she married on 26 May 1994.

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Alexandra Shulman was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2005 New Year Honours for services to the magazine industry.

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Alexandra Shulman was later promoted to Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2018 New Year Honours for services to fashion journalism.

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Alexandra Shulman was twice named "Editors' Editor of the Year" by the British Society of Magazine Editors, in 2004 and 2017, and was formerly a trustee of the National Portrait Gallery.

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