33 Facts About Alexandra Stan


Alexandra Ioana Stan was born on 10 June 1989 and is a Romanian singer.


Alexandra Stan has received a number of awards and nominations, including the European Border Breakers Award, a Japan Gold Disc Award, an MTV Europe Music Award and two Romanian Music Awards.


Alexandra Stan is referred to as one of the most successful Romanian artists alongside Inna.


Alexandra Ioana Stan was born on 10 June 1989 in Constanta, Romania, to Daniela and George Stan, and has a sister, Andreea, who is three years older.


Alexandra Stan's father had used to work as a cook on a ship and was thus absent for a large part of her childhood in the Faleza Nord neighbourhood, which she stated had a large emotional impact on her.


In 2005, her family was confronted by financial problems due to the father's degrading health condition and moved to the Valu lui Traian commune, where Alexandra Stan earned money as a waitress.


Alexandra Stan recalls having self-esteem issues and being bullied by classmates for being poor, for which she has eventually undergone post-traumatic stress disorder therapy.

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Alexandra Stan's public singing debut was at a Romanian televised show when she was 15 years old.


Alexandra Stan eventually participated in various music contests, including the Mamaia Music Festival in 2009.


Retrospectively, in a 2021 interview, Alexandra Stan claimed that the contract disrespected human rights and was written in a way so that Prodan and Nemirschi could have a widespread control over her.


Alexandra Stan rose to moderate fame and began being booked for concerts in Romania with the release of her debut single "Lollipop ", which was given notable radio airplay.


Alexandra Stan's father was involved in her management for two years early in her career.


In 2010, Alexandra Stan released her international breakthrough single "Mr Saxobeat".


Alexandra Stan won the Best Romanian Act and was nominated for Best European Act at the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards.


Alexandra Stan had signed a new record deal with Fonogram Records.


In June 2015, Alexandra Stan released "We Wanna", a collaboration with Romanian singer Inna and Puerto Rican reggaeton performer Daddy Yankee.


Later that year, Alexandra Stan made her fashion debut with a Japan-only range of clothing called Alesta X Bershka.


Alexandra Stan joined the supergroup G Girls along with Antonia, Inna and Lori for the single "Call the Police", which was successful in Poland, and launched her own Alexandra Stan Records label.


In 2017, Alexandra Stan recorded "Favorite Game" for the soundtrack of the Japanese movie Miko Girl.


The film premiered during the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival in October 2017, where Alexandra Stan appeared on the red carpet with its cast and crew.


Alexandra Stan contributed guest vocals on Manuel Riva's track "Miami", which reached the top ten on the US Dance Club Songs chart; this was Stan's first appearance on an American Billboard ranking since 2011's "Mr Saxobeat".


In June 2019, following several months spent in the United States, Alexandra Stan released "I Think I Love It", her first single as a lead artist in over a year after "Mami".


Alexandra Stan had desired to expand her music career to the aforementioned territory and considered venturing into acting, but returned to Romania due to personal issues and her father's health condition.


Alexandra Stan went on to sign record deals with Universal Music Romania and MediaPro Music, and the release "Obsesii" attained success in Romania, reaching number 12 on the local Airplay 100 chart in June 2020.


Alexandra Stan appeared on the second season of reality game show Survivor Romania in a bid to "discover herself", but was evacuated for medical reasons.

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When interviewed at the European Border Breakers Awards in 2012, Alexandra Stan said the diverse nationalities in her home city Constanta have influenced her music.


Alexandra Stan expressed her interest in the instrument, which is often used in her region.


Alexandra Stan frequently receives media attention for her provocative public appearances and photographic shoots.


Alexandra Stan was born with only one kidney and received treatment for the nodules she had on her vocal cords early in her career.


Alexandra Stan has stated that she believes in God and has her own religious principles, describing herself as a non-traditional Christian.


Alexandra Stan had a short-lived relationship with the bar owner she worked at as a waitress in her youth in Valu lui Traian.


From 2014 to 2019, Alexandra Stan was in a relationship with Bogdan Staruiala, and dated Bogdan Draghici for a couple of months as of November 2020.


Shortly after her divorce, Alexandra Stan began dating singer and music producer Alex Parker.