69 Facts About Alexandra Trusova


Alexandra "Sasha" Vyacheslavovna Trusova is a Russian figure skater.


Alexandra Trusova is the first to land four and five quads in a free skate, achieved at the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.


Alexandra Trusova currently holds four Guinness World Records, the fourth in recognition of her landed quadruple flip at the 2019 ISU Grand Prix Final.


At the junior level, Alexandra Trusova won the first of her two World Junior Championship titles and the 2018 Junior Grand Prix Final at the age of 13, the youngest woman to win these events.


Alexandra Trusova is the first female skater to backload a quad in combination, which she accomplished at Skate Canada 2019, landing a quad Toe in combination with a triple Salchow.


Alexandra Trusova currently has the second highest free skating score of any female skater, with 177.13 points, behind only compatriot Kamila Valieva.


Alexandra Trusova is a dog lover and owns five of them: a chihuahua named Tina, who often accompanies her to competitions; a husky named Jack; a miniature royal poodle named Lana, which she received at Rostelecom Cup for winning the 2019 World Junior Figure Skating Championships and landing her first triple Axel in practice; a basenji named Alita, a second miniature poodle named Cruella, and most recently, a new puppy named Selma.


Alexandra Trusova trained in Ryazan under Olga Shevtsova before relocating to Moscow in 2015, where she was coached by Alexander Volkov.


Alexandra Trusova joined the Khrustalny rink where Eteri Tutberidze and Sergei Dudakov became her coaches in 2016.


Alexandra Trusova finished 4th at the 2017 Russian Junior Championships, placing 6th in the short program and 4th in the free skate.


Alexandra Trusova landed an underrotated quadruple Salchow in her free program.


Alexandra Trusova then finished first at JGP Belarus and qualified for the Junior Grand Prix Final.


However, Alexandra Trusova won the overall competition due to her 1.5 point-lead from the short program.


In January 2018, Alexandra Trusova won the gold medal at the 2018 Russian Junior Championships after placing first in the short program and third in the free skate.


In March 2018, Alexandra Trusova competed at the 2018 Junior Worlds, where she won the gold medal after placing first in both the short program and free skate.


At the competition, Alexandra Trusova became the first female skater to land the quad toe loop, the second to land the quad Salchow behind Miki Ando, and the first to land two ratified quads in a free skate.


Alexandra Trusova began the season by competing in the 2018 Junior Grand Prix series.


Alexandra Trusova ranked first in both the short program and the free skate and won the gold medal by 30 points over silver medalist Kim Ye-lim.


Alexandra Trusova became the first female skater to attempt a quad Lutz in a competition, which she landed but not ratified due to under rotation.


Alexandra Trusova surpassed her own free skate world record score and became the first female skater to land a quadruple Lutz in international competition.


At the 2019 Russian Championships, Alexandra Trusova placed second in the short program and second in the free skate, winning the silver medal overall.


Alexandra Trusova stated after the competition that she planned to work more on her quad jumps before the 2019 Junior World Championships.


Alexandra Trusova successfully defended her Junior World title at the 2019 World Junior Championships, placing second in the short program to Shcherbakova and winning the free skate.


Alexandra Trusova made her international senior debut at the 2019 CS Ondrej Nepela Memorial, where she won the gold medal and set several new world records.


Alexandra Trusova set a new free skate record of 163.78 points and a new combined total record of 238.69 points.


Alexandra Trusova earned 14.72 points for her quadruple Lutz, a new record for the highest valued single jump by a female skater.


Alexandra Trusova made her ISU Grand Prix debut at the 2019 Skate Canada International, where she won the gold medal after placing third in the short program and first in the free skate.


Alexandra Trusova became the first woman to land a quad-triple jump combination in the second half of the free skate.


At her second Grand Prix, the 2019 Rostelecom Cup, Alexandra Trusova placed second in the short program behind Evgenia Medvedeva.


Alexandra Trusova placed first in the free skate despite falling on her opening quad Salchow attempt and another fall on a triple combination and won her second Grand Prix gold medal.


Skating in the short program, Alexandra Trusova opted to attempt the triple Axel in competition for the first time but underrotated it and fell.


Alexandra Trusova said that the decision to introduce the triple Axel had been taken in light of its being landed "more or less consistently" in practices in the preceding week and remarked, "I like to risk, and without risking, I wouldn't achieve what I have by this moment".


Alexandra Trusova became the first female skater to attempt five quads in a free skate and the first to attempt four different types of quads.


At the 2020 Russian Championships, Alexandra Trusova placed third in the short program, opting not to attempt the triple Axel.


Alexandra Trusova eventually landed her second quad toe attempt, as well as her remaining triple jumps, and remained in third place.


Alexandra Trusova was "not pleased" with the performance and said she hoped to master the quad loop by the end of the season.


Alexandra Trusova scored 74.95 points and placed third in that segment behind Kostornaia and Shcherbakova.


Alexandra Trusova placed third overall behind her two teammates and won the bronze medal.


Alexandra Trusova was assigned to compete at the 2020 World Championships in Montreal, which were cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


On May 6,2020, it was announced by Russian media outlets Nevasport and Sport24 that Alexandra Trusova had decided to part ways with coach Eteri Tutberidze in favor of joining Evgeni Plushenko's academy.


Alexandra Trusova was joined in the departure by coach Sergei Rozanov, as well as novice training-mates Veronika and Alyona Zhilina.


Alexandra Trusova performed at the 2020 Russian Test Skates and successfully executed a quad toe in combination.


At the second stage of the Russian Cup held in Moscow, Alexandra Trusova made a mistake on her triple Axel jump in the short program and placed third behind Kamila Valieva and Daria Usacheva.


However, in the free skate, Alexandra Trusova cleanly executed two quadruple toe-loops, one in combination, and won the free skate to win gold.


Alexandra Trusova encountered similar problems in the free skate, falling four times and receiving negative grades of execution on two other jumping passes.


Alexandra Trusova landed two quad Lutzes in the free skate, placing third in the segment and winning the bronze medal.


Alexandra Trusova was elected for the Time of Firsts team captained by Evgenia Medvedeva and placed fourth in the short program, the only woman on her team to skate cleanly.


Alexandra Trusova was selected to compete for the Russian Federation at the 2021 World Championships in March 2021 in Stockholm, where she was considered a favorite to make the podium.


Alexandra Trusova picked music from the American film Cruella for her free program, having watched it three times beforehand and persuading her coaches.


Alexandra Trusova debuted her programs for the Olympic season at the 2021 Russian Test skates in September held in Chelyabinsk, where she cleanly executed a five-quad free program for the first time in a public event.


In late October, it was reported that Alexandra Trusova had suffered a leg injury shortly before the 2021 Skate America, which did not allow her to train at her maximum.


In early November, Alexandra Trusova decided to withdraw from her second Grand Prix assignment, the 2021 NHK Trophy.


Alexandra Trusova rallied in the free skate despite two jump errors, placing second in the segment and winning the silver medal.


On 13 January 2023, Valieva was stripped of her gold medal for doping and Alexandra Trusova was elevated to gold.


At the European Championships in Tallinn, Alexandra Trusova placed third in the short program despite falling on her triple Axel attempt again.


Alexandra Trusova landed two out of her four planned quads in the free skate, winning her second European bronze medal.


Alexandra Trusova placed first in the segment, setting Olympic scoring records of 106.16 for the technical component and 177.13 overall.


Alexandra Trusova became the first woman to land a quad flip and land a quad Lutz at the Olympics, the first woman to land four and five quads in competition, as well as the first woman to land four and five quads in one program at the Olympics.


In early March 2022, the ISU banned all figure skaters and officials from Russia and Belarus from attending the World Championships due to the Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in late February, as a result of which Alexandra Trusova was not allowed to participate in the competition at the end of March.


Alexandra Trusova opened her fourth senior season at the September 2022 Russian test skate event held in Moscow.


Alexandra Trusova skated the short program segment, debuting a new program to Annie Lennox's cover of "I Put a Spell on You" by Jay Hawkins, but withdrew from the free skate due to an ongoing back injury.


At the 2018 JGP Lithuania, Alexandra Trusova became the first female skater to land a quadruple jump in combination: a quad toe loop with a triple toe loop.


In May 2022, Alexandra Trusova spoke in an interview of her desire to train to be the first person to do a quintuple jump in competition.


Alexandra Trusova currently prefers to attempt the jumps without using any harnesses, which she describes as awkward and creating impediments to improving her ability to master the new jump.


Alexandra Trusova has represented Adidas as a brand ambassador since 2018.


Alexandra Trusova has appeared in numerous digital advertisements for the brand, including a 30-second advertisement for their "Impossible is Nothing" campaign in April 2021.


Alexandra Trusova became a brand ambassador for the Japanese-produced Ajinomoto product Amino Vital in July 2020.


Alexandra Trusova became a spokesperson for the Russian-Belarusian brand of dairy products Verkhovye.


Alexandra Trusova formerly used nude Risport Royal Pro boots, but as of late 2021 uses white Edea Piano boots with the same Jackson Ultima Matrix Supreme blades.