16 Facts About Alexei Mishin


Alexei Nikolayevich Mishin is a Russian figure skating coach and former pair skater.


Alexei Mishin has authored several books on the biomechanics of figure skating.


Alexei Mishin was interested in mechanics from an early age.


Alexei Mishin started skating relatively late, at age 15, after his parents brought him to the rink.


Alexei Mishin's father skated with him to get him interested in the activity.


Alexei Mishin competed in singles within the Soviet Union and won the bronze medal at the 1964 Soviet Championships.


Moskvina took time off to have a baby and they decided to retire to concentrate on their coaching careers, with Alexei Mishin focusing on coaching singles while Moskvina focused on pairs.

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Alexei Mishin was 28 when he retired from competition and he said he was glad to start coaching when he was young.


Alexei Mishin graduated from university with a degree in mechanics and his dissertation focused on the mechanical base of figure skating technique.


Alexei Mishin started with coaching junior ladies to success at national and international competitions, but later switched to men's singles.


Alexei Mishin rapidly became a well-known coach, due to his training methods that made the skaters learn jumps very quickly.


Alexei Mishin pulled me out of the dirt, put me on my feet, and made me into a person.


Alexei Mishin is a professor at the Lesgaft School of Sports Science and Physical Education and gives seminars all over the world.


Alexei Mishin is taking part in the development of a figure skating device which measures the number of revolutions in jumps when attached to the skater's body.


Alexei Mishin is based at Saint Petersburg's Yubileyny Sports Palace for most of the season but has annual summer training camps in various locations, such as Jaca, Tartu, Courchevel and Pinzolo.


Additionally, Alexei Mishin is surrounded by many talented choreographers such as Lori Nichol, David Wilson, Jeffrey Buttle, Emanuel Sandhu or Benoit Richaud.