15 Facts About Alexey Ivakhnenko


Alexey Grigoryevich Ivakhnenko was a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician most famous for developing the group method of data handling, a method of inductive statistical learning, for which he is sometimes referred to as the "Father of deep learning".


Alexey Ivakhnenko continued research in other institutions in Ukraine after return to Kiev in 1944.


Alexey Ivakhnenko is known to be the founder of Inductive modelling, a scientific approach used for pattern recognition and complex systems forecasting.


Alexey Ivakhnenko had used this approach during development of the group method of data handling.


Alexey Ivakhnenko led the development of this approach, with a professional team of mathematicians and engineers at the Institute of Cybernetics.


Alongside to GMDH, Alexey Ivakhnenko had developed the following set of results:.


Alexey Ivakhnenko is well known for his achievements in the theory of invariance and theory of combined automatic control systems, that operates on the principle of measured disturbances compensation.


Alexey Ivakhnenko had developed devices and methods for the adaptive control of systems with magnetic amplifiers and motors.


Alexey Ivakhnenko is the author of the first ukrainian monograph on technical cybernetics, which was published worldwide in seven languages.


Alexey Ivakhnenko's ideas are utilised now in the deep learning networks.


From 1963 to 1989 Alexey Ivakhnenko was the editor of the specialized scientific journal "Avtomatika", that played a crucial role in the formation and development of the Ukrainian school of Inductive modelling.


Alongside constant innovation in his field since 1945, Alexey Ivakhnenko maintained an active teaching career, at first as the Assistant Professor at the Department of Theoretical Mechanics, and then at the Control Systems faculty.


Alexey Ivakhnenko was a shining example of a scientist, with a keen sense of new and remarkable scientific intuition.


Alexey Ivakhnenko is the Honorary Scientist of the USSR, two-time winner of the State Prize for his works on the theory of invariant automatic systems and set of publications on Information technology in the field of Artificial intelligence.


Alexey Ivakhnenko was the Corresponding Member of Academy of Sciences USSR and Academician of NAS of Ukraine.