14 Facts About Alexis Godey


Alexis Godey called Alec Godey and Alejandro Godey, born Alexander Godey, was a trapper, scout, and mountain man.

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Alexis Godey was an associate of Jim Bridger and was lead scout for John C Fremont.

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Alexis Godey sustained a long friendship with Jim Bridger, a fellow scout and mountain man.

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Alexis Godey was the lead scout for Fremont's second, third, and fourth California expeditions.

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Alexis Godey was instrumental in navigating the Kings River and San Joaquin Valley.

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Alexis Godey worked with Old Bill Williams on Fremont's fourth expedition.

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Alexis Godey spoke French, English, Spanish, and a few Native American languages.

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In 1848, Alexis Godey built a home in Bakersfield and became a miner, rancher, local guide, and Indian agent.

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In 1852, Robert S Williamson hired Godey to help the Pacific Rail Road Survey survey the land for the future Southern Pacific Railroad line that followed the 32nd parallel from Texas to California.

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In 1854, Alexis Godey was the scout for Kit Carson on his last visit to Kern County.

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Alexis Godey partnered shortly with Edward Fitzgerald Beale to raise sheep on his Tejon Ranch in 1855 and became the overseer of the ranch for a few years.

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Alexis Godey was the overseer for Rancho San Emidio on behalf of Fremont in 1868.

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Alexis Godey died on January 19,1889, at the age of 70 or 71, at the Sister's Hospital Of Los Angeles, Sisters of Charity.

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Alexis Godey had been scratched by a circus lion, which he had tried to pet, and the scratch became infected.

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