11 Facts About Aley


Aley has the nickname "Bride of the Summer resorts" due to its cooler climate during the summer touristic season.

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Aley gained prominence upon the completion of the Beirut–Damascus Railway in the mid-1890s.

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In 2001, the municipality of Aley began renovating the downtown area, especially its historic souk, and the city quickly revived its role in Lebanon's tourism.

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Aley is a major tourist destination in Lebanon and the Middle East.

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The "Souk Aley" is a relatively long historical boulevard lined with palm trees; there are numerous redroofed stone houses erected on the east side of the street while several street cafes, outdoor restaurants, and nightlife pubs occupy its western side.

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In 1910 Aley received the founders of the American University of Beirut, they built castles and lived there for several years.

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Aley is the capital of the Aley District and it has 18 municipality members.

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Aley has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, with warm and rainless summers, mild autumns and springs, and cool rainy winters.

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Aley is characterized by having a very wide variety of residents, representing all the Lebanese inclusively.

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The largest, oldest, and most important of these schools is The Universal College in Aley which is considered one of the best schools in the country.

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Aley has four hospitals: The National Hospital of Aley, Al Iman Hospital (52 beds), Al Chehayeb Hospital (20beds) and Al Ouyoun Hospital, which specializes in ophthalmology.

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