21 Facts About Alfred Lennon


Alfred Lennon, known as Freddie Lennon, was an Englishman seaman and singer who was best known as the father of musician John Lennon.


John was their only child, but as Alfred Lennon was away at sea during World War II, he did not see much of his child during his infancy.


Alfred Lennon offered to look after his wife, their child and the expected baby, but Julia rejected the idea.


Daughter Edith Alfred Lennon was born that year and then Charles.


Alfred Lennon, was known as being happy-go-lucky, and "couldn't resist having a good time".


Alfred Lennon travelled with the troupe for a time before being discovered in Glasgow and returned to the orphanage, where he was severely punished.


Alfred Lennon was known as being always quick with a joke or a witty line, but never held a job for any length of time.

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Alfred Lennon played the banjo, as did Julia, though neither pursued music professionally.


Alfred Lennon kept in touch with Julia, writing letters and meeting whenever he docked in Liverpool.


Alfred Lennon later worked on ocean liners that travelled between the Greek islands, North Africa and the West Indies.


Alfred Lennon auditioned for local theatre managers as a 'ship's entertainer,' but had no success, and so returned to sea.


John Winston Alfred Lennon was born at 6:30 pm on 9 October 1940, on the second-floor ward of Liverpool Maternity Hospital at Oxford Street, supposedly during a German air raid, although it has been confirmed that there was no air raid on this date.


Alfred Lennon sent regular pay cheques to Julia, who lived with her son at 9 Newcastle Road.


Alfred Lennon occasionally returned to Liverpool, but did not stay long before being sent off on another ship.


Alfred Lennon claimed that he had sailed from the United States to Bone, North Africa, but was arrested for stealing one bottle of beer from the ship, consequently serving nine days in a military prison.


Alfred Lennon eventually served on a troopship from North Africa to Italy before finally boarding a ship that was making its way to England in 1944.


Alfred Lennon had been drinking when, late at night, he saw a mannequin in a wedding dress shop window.


Alfred Lennon smashed the window, took the mannequin, and danced with it in the street until he was arrested.


Alfred Lennon was working as a kitchen porter at the Greyhound Hotel at Hampton Court, in Middlesex, when someone pointed to a photograph of John Lennon in a newspaper asking whether he was related to him.


Alf had two sons with Pauline: David Henry Alfred Lennon, born 26 February 1969, and Robin Francis Alfred Lennon, born 22 October 1973.


On 1 April 1976, Alf Alfred Lennon died in Brighton, at the age of 63, just nine days after Paul McCartney's father Jim McCartney died.