10 Facts About Ali Yerlikaya


Ali Yerlikaya was born on 11 October 1968 and is a Turkish bureaucrat who has served as the Governor of Istanbul since 26 October 2018.

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Ali Yerlikaya graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Political Science in 1989, with a degree in Public Administration.

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Ali Yerlikaya began work at the Ministry of the Interior as a candidate to become a Kaymakam in 1990.

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Ali Yerlikaya served as the Kaymakam for the districts of Felahiye, Erzin, Derabucak, Hilvan and Sarikaya during his early bureaucratic career.

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Ali Yerlikaya served as a legal advisor to the Interior Ministry and Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Health.

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Ali Yerlikaya served until 26 October 2018, upon which he became Governor of Istanbul, which is his current role.

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Ali Yerlikaya was criticised for supposedly turning a blind eye to pro-Yildirim posters and campaigns being conducted by municipal workers, who are required to remain neutral.

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Ali Yerlikaya's comments were criticised for supposedly showing ISIL militants respect.

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Ali Yerlikaya responded by claiming that he had been misunderstood and that the suspected militant was innocent until proven guilty in court.

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Ali Yerlikaya again rejected criticism, saying instead that his supportive words had been directed to the police operation.

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