33 Facts About Alina Kabaeva


Alina Maratovna Kabaeva or Kabayeva is a Russian politician, media manager and retired individual rhythmic gymnast, who has been designated Honoured Master of Sports by the Russian government.


Alina Kabaeva is reportedly the longtime mistress of Russian president Vladimir Putin.


From 2007 to 2014, Alina Kabaeva was a State Duma Deputy from United Russia.


In September 2014, Alina Kabaeva became the chairwoman of the board of directors of the National Media Group.


Alina Kabaeva was born on 12 May 1983 in Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, Soviet Union, the daughter of Lyubov Alina Kabaeva and Marat Kabayev, a professional football player.


Alina Kabaeva's father is a Muslim Tatar and her mother is Russian.


Alina Kabaeva started rhythmic gymnastics at age three, with coach Margarita Samuilovna.

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Alina Kabaeva stayed with Viner, and made her international debut representing Russia in 1996.


The 15-year-old Alina Kabaeva won the 1998 European Championships in Portugal.


Alina Kabaeva then became the 1999 European Champion in Hungary, and won the 1999 World Title in Osaka, Japan.


Alina Kabaeva went on to win a total of 5 All-Around titles at the European Championships.


At the 2001 World Championships in Madrid, Spain, Alina Kabaeva won the gold medal for the Ball, Clubs, Hoop, Rope, the Individual All-Around, and the Team competitions.


At the 2001 Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia, Alina Kabaeva won the gold medal for the Ball, Clubs, and Rope competitions, and the Silver in the Individual All-Around, and Hoop.


Alina Kabaeva was not allowed to participate in competitions from August 2001 to August 2002.


Alina Kabaeva won the All-Around Gold Medal at the 2003 World Championships, as well as the event final in Ribbon and Ball ahead of Anna Bessonova from Ukraine.


In 2004, Alina Kabaeva won the All-Around Gold at the 2004 European Championships in Kyiv, Ukraine.


At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Greece, Alina Kabaeva won the gold medal in the Individual All-Around for Rhythmic Gymnastics, with a score of 108.400, the Silver Medal went to her teammate, Irina Tchachina.


In October 2004, Alina Kabaeva announced her retirement from the sport.


Alina Kabaeva resumed her sport career at an Italy-Russia friendly competition in Genoa, on 10 September 2005.


On 5 March 2006, Alina Kabaeva won the Gazprom Moscow Grand Prix, with fellow Russians Vera Sessina and Olga Kapranova, taking the Second and Third places.


Alina Kabaeva won the silver medal in All-Around at the 2006 European Championships, behind teammate, Sessina.


However, on the eve of the competition, Alina Kabaeva withdrew due to an injury.


Alina Kabaeva finished fourth in All-Around qualifications at the 2007 World Championships, and did not advance into the finals due to the two per country rule, with Vera Sessina and Olga Kapranova placing ahead of Alina Kabaeva.


Alina Kabaeva revolutionized rhythmic gymnastics as one of the few gymnasts to have performed new skills and elements, including the back split pivot with hand help, the ring position with a slow full turn, and the backscale pivot that she first performed.


Alina Kabaeva was among the six Russian athlete torch bearers who carried the Olympic flame through Fisht Stadium during the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

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In 2015, Alina Kabaeva was an honorary guest at the 2015 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany.


Since 2005, Alina Kabaeva has been a member of the Public Chamber of Russia.


Between 2007 and 2014, Alina Kabaeva was a Member of the Russian Parliament, the State Duma, representing the United Russia party.


In September 2014, Alina Kabaeva resigned from the Duma and accepted the position of chair of the board of directors of the National Media Group, the largest Russian media conglomerate.


Alina Kabaeva has faced criticism for her lack of experience and high salary when appointed to political and media posts.


In 2001, Alina Kabaeva appeared in the Japanese movie, Red Shadow, performing a gymnastics routine.


In January 2011, Alina Kabaeva appeared on the cover of Vogue Russia.


In July 2013, Alina Kabaeva said that she did not have children.