27 Facts About Alissa White-Gluz


Alissa White-Gluz is a Canadian singer, best known as the lead vocalist of the Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, and former lead vocalist and founding member of the Canadian metalcore band the Agonist.


Alissa White-Gluz's grandparents were prisoners in concentration camps during World War II and managed to escape.


Alissa White-Gluz is the younger sister of Jasamine White-Gluz who leads the Montreal-based band No Joy.


In 2004, Alissa White-Gluz formed the Agonist with fellow band members Danny Marino and Chris Kells in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Alissa White-Gluz released three albums with them as their lead vocalist.


Alissa White-Gluz was kicked out of The Agonist in the spring of 2014 after she was offered the role as vocalist for Arch Enemy and proposed her interest in working in both bands at once.


On 17 March 2014, Arch Enemy announced via press release that Alissa White-Gluz would be replacing their former vocalist Angela Gossow.

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Alissa White-Gluz has recorded guest vocals for Blackguard's 2008 EP Another Round, as well as for Slaves on Dope's 2012 album Over the Influence.


Alissa White-Gluz has worked with Kamelot on a number of occasions.


In February 2014, the Dutch symphonic metal band Delain announced that Alissa White-Gluz would be contributing guest vocals to their fourth studio album The Human Contradiction.


Alissa White-Gluz made a second guest appearance with Delain in 2016 on "Hands of Gold", the opening track of their fifth studio album Moonbathers.


In 2017, Alissa White-Gluz recorded guest vocals for Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein's band, DOYLE.


Alissa White-Gluz appears on the band's second album, DOYLE II, on the track "Kiss Me As We Die", providing background vocals.


In 2018, Alissa White-Gluz recorded guest vocals for Angra's album Omni, which was released in February 2018.


Alissa White-Gluz appears on the third track "Black Widow's Web" alongside Brazilian singer Sandy.


Alissa White-Gluz provided guest vocals for Soilwork on the song "Stalfagel", which is part of their eleventh studio album Verkligheten.


Alissa White-Gluz recorded guests vocals for the American deathcore act, Carnifex on the song "No Light Shall Save Us", which is on the band's seventh studio album, World War X, which was released on 2 August 2019 through Nuclear Blast Records.


In 2019, Alissa White-Gluz appeared on the album Anesthetic by Mark Morton as a guest vocalist on the song "The Truth Is Dead" along with Randy Blythe.


In 2022, Alissa White-Gluz recorded guest vocals for the video game Metal: Hellsinger and published a song with Nita Strauss called "The Wolf You Feed".


Alissa White-Gluz is appearing in visual companion content to American Murder Song as Pretty Lavinia.


Alissa White-Gluz's character was first revealed at Steampunk World's Fair and has since been released on American Murder Song's YouTube channel.


Alissa White-Gluz has been in a relationship with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein since 2014, the guitarist of American horror punk band Misfits.


Alissa White-Gluz was raised in a family of vegetarians, and has been a vegan since 1998.


Alissa White-Gluz identifies as an atheist and considers herself opposed to religion, though she noted that "it doesn't mean [she hates] religious people or [is] opposed to them".


Alissa White-Gluz is a fan of classical music as well as rock music.

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Alissa White-Gluz enjoys 1990s grunge music such as Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Soundgarden.


Alissa White-Gluz received a Libby award from PETA for her work in an international campaign advocating against the hunting of Canadian seals.