13 Facts About Alki David


Alki David'scompanies include the Internet-based television provider FilmOn, the home-shopping website 9021go.

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Alkiviades David was born in May 1968, in Lagos, Nigeria, to a trading and shipping family of Greek Cypriot origin.

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Alki David'sfather, Andrew A David, was born in Petra, Cyprus and went on to study business at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

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In 1957, Andrew A David joined the family business, the Leventis-David Group in Ghana, where he managed Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Accra.

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Alki David attended high school in Switzerland and studied film at the Royal College of Art.

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In 2006, Alki David partnered with veteran film producer Elliott Kastner to launch 111 Pictures Ltd.

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However, various news reports in 2021 quoted Alki David as noting billionaire claims were his own fabrications, and following multi-million-dollar judgements against him claimed he was "exhausted" of any funds.

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Alki David has been married three times and divorced twice, and has two sons, Andrew and Alexander, with his first wife.

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Alki David sued CBS, dropped the suit, and sued CBS Interactive in November 2011, alleging copyright infringement due to the CNET website having editorially covered infringing uses of peer-to-peer file-sharing software.

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In June 2013, Alki David filed a countersuit against the four networks seeking a ruling that providing Internet technology for receiving over-the-air broadcast signals at no charge does not violate broadcasters' copyrights.

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Alki David'scomplaint accused him of showing lewd photos to employees and hiring a stripper in the workplace.

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Alki David was ordered to pay $100,000 in fines and was enjoined from being an officer in publicly held companies for a period of five years.

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In 2019, Alki David was arrested at the airport in St Kitts and Nevis for possession of over EC$1.

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