21 Facts About Allan Grimson


Allan Michael Grimson was born on 1958 and is a convicted British murderer and suspected serial killer who is responsible for murdering at least two Royal Navy sailors and who is suspected of killing many others, possibly up to another 20 undiscovered victims.


The judge, who sentenced him to a minimum term of 22 years at his trial, said that Grimson was a serial killer by nature, but not by number.


Allan Grimson joined the Royal Navy in 1978 and by the time of his conviction for murder, he was the rank of Petty Officer.


Allan Grimson had served aboard HMS Illustrious and was a trainer in fire fighting techniques whilst based at HMNB Portsmouth.


Whilst being questioned by police, Allan Grimson admitted that he scoured the ranks of trainees and cadets so that he could dominate and kill the best looking ones.


Allan Grimson's first known victim was 18-year-old Nicholas Wright who was in the Royal Navy.


Allan Grimson had met Wright on a fire-fighting course run by the Royal Navy in November 1997.


Allan Grimson offered to give Wright a lift home to Leicester on the weekends, but Wright and his family were suspicious of his motives.


Wright spurned his advances and Allan Grimson attacked Wright firstly by punching him, then with a baseball bat and then cutting his throat with a carving knife and dumping his body in the bath of Allan Grimson's flat.


Allan Grimson was questioned by military police in 1997, but lied to keep himself out of the investigation.


Allan Grimson admitted to getting a thrill from killing Wright.


Allan Grimson's body was dumped next to the A32 road at West Tisted.


Allan Grimson was convicted in 2001 of killing Nicholas Wright and Sion Jenkins and the judge recommended that he serve a minimum of 22 years but that he should never be released.


In 2008, Allan Grimson won a reduction in his life sentence by three years.


Whilst it was generally believed that Allan Grimson was responsible for his actions, one psychologist labelled Allan Grimson as being the worst psychopath that he had come across in 250 murderers.


In 2005, the BBC broadcast two programmes which prompted Allan Grimson to complain through his solicitor to Ofcom.


Allan Grimson said that he had not been given enough notice by the BBC to respond to the claims in the two programmes and that police evidence used had no bearing on the case.


In 1998, Allan Grimson was working at the Royal New Zealand Navy base of Devonport on an exchange programme of fire fighting training.


Allan Grimson was considered as a suspect as he was friendly with the building manager.


The building manager admitted that he had seen Allan Grimson in the building on several occasions, and whilst Allan Grimson was a suspect, investigators have noted that his other victims were men.


In 2019, it was reported that Allan Grimson was being held in an open prison in preparation for a possible release.