28 Facts About Allen Stanford


Allen Stanford was convicted of fraud in 2012, having operated an eight billion dollar Ponzi scheme, and is serving a 110-year federal prison sentence.


Allen Stanford contributed millions of dollars to politicians in Antigua and the United States, amongst other countries.


Allen Stanford voluntarily surrendered to authorities on June 18,2009.


On March 6,2012, Allen Stanford was convicted on all charges except a single count of wire fraud.


Allen Stanford is serving a 110-year sentence at United States Penitentiary, Coleman II in Coleman, Florida.


In September 2014, Allen Stanford filed an appeal; it was rejected in October 2015.


Allen Stanford graduated from Eastern Hills High School in Fort Worth, Texas.


In 1974, Allen Stanford graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, earning a BA degree in finance.


Allen Stanford started in business in Waco, Texas, opening a bodybuilding gym that failed.


Allen Stanford moved to the Caribbean in the 1980s, first to Montserrat, then to Antigua.


Allen Stanford claimed his certificates of deposit were as safe as, or safer than, US government-insured accounts.


CNBC reported that Allen Stanford tried to flee the country on the same day as the raids on his headquarters.


Allen Stanford contacted a private jet owner and attempted to pay for a flight to Antigua with a credit card, but was refused because the company would accept only a wire transfer.


Allen Stanford surrendered his passport to federal prosecutors, and hired criminal defense lawyer Brendan Sullivan, who had represented Oliver North.


Allen Stanford's companies had been well-run, he claimed, until the SEC "disembowelled" them.


On June 18,2009, Allen Stanford was taken into custody by FBI agents.


On September 26,2009, Allen Stanford was hospitalized due to injuries sustained while being severely beaten by another inmate at the Cornell Companies-operated, Joe Corley Detention Facility in Conroe.


In February 2011 Allen Stanford issued a counter-claim of $7.2 billion of damages against the FBI and the SEC.


Allen Stanford's attorneys claimed that Stanford was unfit to stand trial due to amnesia resulting from his sustained injuries.


On June 14,2012, Allen Stanford was sentenced to 110 years in prison.


Allen Stanford blamed his company's failure on "Gestapo tactics" by government regulators.


Godbey wrote that Allen Stanford had carried out the fraud for over a decade "with a high degree of scienter," or knowledge that what he was doing was illegal.


Allen Stanford filed a 299-page brief in September 2014 with the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans on his conviction.


Allen Stanford funded the restoration of Leland Stanford's mansion in Sacramento, California, in an effort "to help preserve an important piece of Stanford family history," and hired genealogists to prove he was a member of the Leland Stanford family.


In 2008 the university filed a trademark infringement suit against Allen Stanford, claiming the school's name was being used "in a way that creates public confusion" and is "injurious".


On November 1,2006, Allen Stanford was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the Nation of Antigua and Barbuda by the Antiguan government.


On February 20,2009, the ECB announced it had severed its ties with Allen Stanford and cancelled all contracts with him.


Allen Stanford owned two newspaper businesses in Antigua and Barbuda and Saint Kitts and Nevis, both called The Sun.