15 Facts About Alma Guillermoprieto


Alma Guillermoprieto was born on Alma Estela Guillermo Prieto, 1949 and is a Mexican journalist.


Alma Guillermoprieto has written extensively about Latin America for the British and American press, especially The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books.


Alma Guillermoprieto's writings have been widely disseminated within the Spanish-speaking world and she has published eight books in both English and Spanish, and been translated into several more languages.


Alma Guillermoprieto has published three books collecting and translating her English reporting into Spanish.


Alma Guillermoprieto has won a MacArthur Fellowship, a George Polk Award, and a Princess of Asturias Award, among other honors.


Alma Guillermoprieto Estela Guillermo Prieto was born in 1949 in Mexico City.


Alma Guillermoprieto studied modern dance with Merce Cunningham until 1969 when he recommended her for a job teaching at the Cuban National Schools of the Arts in Havana.


In 1981 she moved to The Washington Post and in January 1982, Alma Guillermoprieto, then based in Mexico City, was one of two journalists who broke the story of the El Mozote massacre in which some 900 villagers at El Mozote, El Salvador, were slaughtered by the Salvadoran army in December, 1981.


Alma Guillermoprieto was promoted to staff writer at the Post, where she worked for two years before winning an Alicia Patterson Journalism Fellowship in 1985, funding research and writing about changes in rural life under the policies of the European Economic Community.


Alma Guillermoprieto next became a Latin American correspondent for Newsweek, until 1987 when she left to write a book.


Alma Guillermoprieto's first book, Samba, was an account of a season studying at a samba school in Rio de Janeiro.


Also in 1990, Alma Guillermoprieto won a Maria Moors Cabot Prize, honoring her contributions to press freedom and inter-American understanding in the Western hemisphere.


Alma Guillermoprieto has since held more workshops for young journalists throughout the continent.


Alma Guillermoprieto published a collection of articles in Spanish on the Mexican crisis, El ano en que no fuimos felices.


In 2004, Alma Guillermoprieto published a memoir, Dancing with Cuba, which revolved around the time she spent living in Cuba in her early twenties.