21 Facts About Alois Alzheimer


Alois Alzheimer was a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist and a colleague of Emil Kraepelin.


Alois Alzheimer was born in Marktbreit, Bavaria, on 14 June 1864, the son of Anna Johanna Barbara Sabina and Eduard Roman Alois Alzheimer.


Alois Alzheimer's father served in the office of notary public in the family's hometown.


The Alzheimers moved to Aschaffenburg when Alois was still young in order to give their children an opportunity to attend the Royal Humanistic Gymnasium.


In 1887, Alois Alzheimer graduated from Wurzburg as Doctor of Medicine.


Alois Alzheimer was the co-founder and co-publisher of the journal Zeitschrift fur die gesamte Neurologie und Psychiatrie, though he never wrote a book that he could call his own.


When Kraepelin moved to Munich to work at the Royal Psychiatric Hospital in 1903, he invited Alois Alzheimer to join him.


In 1904, Alois Alzheimer completed his habilitation at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, where he was appointed as a professor in 1908.


Alois Alzheimer's health deteriorated shortly after his arrival so that he was hospitalized.


In 1901, Alois Alzheimer observed a patient at the Frankfurt asylum named Auguste Deter.


Herr Deter made several requests to have his wife moved to a less expensive facility, but Alois Alzheimer intervened in these requests.


Frau Deter, as she was known, remained at the Frankfurt asylum, where Alois Alzheimer had made a deal to receive her records and brain upon her death, paying for the remainder of her stay in return.


On 8 April 1906, Frau Deter died, and Alois Alzheimer had her medical records and brain brought to Munich where he was working in Kraepelin's laboratory.


Alois Alzheimer discussed his findings on the brain pathology and symptoms of presenile dementia publicly on 3November 1906, at the Tubingen meeting of the Southwest German Psychiatrists.


The lecturer that followed Alois Alzheimer was to speak on the topic of "compulsive masturbation", which the audience of 88 individuals was so eagerly awaiting that they sent Alois Alzheimer away without any questions or comments on his discovery of the pathology of a type of senile dementia.


Alois Alzheimer recommended the young and brilliant Nicolas Achucarro to organize the neuropathological service at the Government Hospital for the Insane, at Washington DC, and after two years of work, he was substituted by Gonzalo Rodriguez Lafora.


Alois Alzheimer was known for having a variety of medical interests including vascular diseases of the brain, early dementia, brain tumors, forensic psychiatry and epilepsy.


Alois Alzheimer's colleagues knew him to be a dedicated professor and cigar smoker.


In 1894, Alois Alzheimer married Cecilie Simonette Nathalie Geisenheimer, with whom he had three children.


Alois Alzheimer died of heart failure on 19 December 1915 at age 51, in Breslau, Silesia.


Alois Alzheimer was buried on 23 December 1915 next to his wife at the Frankfurt Main Cemetery.