11 Facts About Alpha Phi


Alpha Phi International Women's Fraternity is an international sorority with 172 active chapters and over 250, 000 initiated members.

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Alpha Phi is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference, the governing council of 26 women's fraternities.

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At the time of the founding there were only 666 women attending Syracuse; ten of them eventually formed Alpha Phi to create an organization "on the principles of the promotion of growth in character; unity of feeling, sisterly affection, and social communion among the members.

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Alpha Phi considers itself a women's fraternity because its founding date predates the invention of the word "sorority".

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Alpha Phi badge is the Greek letter Alpha resting on the Greek letter Phi, engraved with the Greek acronym.

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In 1956, Alpha Phi became one of the first women's fraternities to establish a Foundation.

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Alpha Phi officially adopted Cardiac Care as its philanthropic priority in 1946, which then became the Foundation's focus, along with awarding academic scholarships, upon its founding in 1956.

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Individual Alpha Phi chapters are encouraged to develop a relationship with a local cardiac care project in their community as well as to promote awareness of women's heart disease.

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In 2021, Alpha Phi Foundation announced their $38 million comprehensive endowment campaign, Leading With Heart, the largest known campaign of its kind in the National Panhellenic Conference space.

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In September 2018, a document by a former recruitment chair of the University of Michigan Alpha Phi chapter surfaced with descriptions of how the chapter's membership selection process was based on selecting for certain physical appearances and assigned numbers to these women based on the judgment of the recruitment chairs and representatives from their international headquarters.

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The expose described that Alpha Phi supervisors ordered her to give the PNMs an "External Prescore" based on pictures from their social media profiles.

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