10 Facts About AlphaSmart


AlphaSmart, Inc was an education technology company founded by Apple Computer engineers Joe Barrus and Ketan Kothari, and Kothari's brother, Manish, in the early 90's.

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At the time of their initial release in 1993, the first AlphaSmart models were marketed as smart keyboards designed to promote writing in the classroom as an alternative to expensive computer labs.

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The last AlphaSmart branded device, named the Neo 2, was released by Renaissance Learning in 2007.

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AlphaSmart was a keyboarding device that enabled a person to work on the go, much like a laptop computer, but it was strictly for word processing, as it functioned essentially like a simple digital typewriter.

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AlphaSmart saved every keystroke directly to the machine's RAM, which was maintained by a battery backup even when powered down.

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The AlphaSmart took on the aesthetics of the computer it was intended to be partnered with — it had a boxy, durable beige plastic case like the IIGS and Macintoshes of that era.

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Early AlphaSmart models included a couple of jokes, including a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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Third, the AlphaSmart Pro was able to receive text from a computer through "Get Utility" software installed on a Mac or Windows PC.

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The AlphaSmart 3000 had the customary 8 files, each with a capacity of 12.

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In June 2002, AlphaSmart released the Dana, which is a radical departure from their standard product line.

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