13 Facts About Alter Eco


Alter Eco refers to two alternative trading organizations, founded in 1998 by Tristan Lecomte in France, and followed by Mathieu Senard and Eduoard Rollet in the United States, and Ilse Keijzer in Australia.

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Alter Eco France specializes in fair trade and "responsible" food products.

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In 2006, Alter Eco France approached Brazilian retailers to sell Brazilian products in the country under Fair Trade terms, creating the first South-South Fair Trade experiment.

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In Europe, all Alter Eco products are FLO-CERT certified and bear the International Fairtrade Certification Mark.

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In 2005, Alter Eco expanded into the United States and Canadian markets.

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Alter Eco was started in San Francisco and is still based there.

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Alter Eco Pacific was originally started by Ilse Keijzer in 2005 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Alter Eco received the NEXT Award in this year for Best Packaging for its compostable quinoa pouch.

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Alter Eco was acquired by NextWorld Evergreen, a San Francisco-based private equity firm focused on purpose driven brands, in December 2017.

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Alter Eco produces a line of chocolate and chocolate-centric products.

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Alter Eco formerly sourced and sold coffee, tea, rice, olive oil and hearts of palm as part of their original push to spread fair trade products.

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Alter Eco has since changed to focus their products around chocolate and quinoa because of the better opportunities for a growing company to focus on one main supply versus a line of different goods.

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In 2018, Alter Eco entered the snacking category with its Coconut Cluster products, available in Original, Seeds and Salt, and Cherry and Almond Butter.

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