13 Facts About Aluva


Aluva is a region in the city of Kochi in Kerala, India.

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Aluva is accessible through rail, air, metro along with major highways and roadlines.

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Aluva KSRTC bus station is an important transport hub in Kerala and one of the busiest stations in central part of the state.

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The Advaita Ashrams in Aluva founded in 1913 by Sree Narayana Guru, one of India's greatest social reformers, adds to the cultural significance of the region.

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Today, despite being a part of the city as well as the Kochi urban agglomeration, Aluva is still only an autonomous municipality with its civic administration conducted by Aluva Municipal Council, primarily because Kochi Corporation has not expanded its limits for over 53 years.

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Mangalappuzha, a branch of Periyar which bifurcates at Aluva was known to be the nerve centre of trade and commerce in this part of South India.

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Aluva is well connected by air, road and rail from all parts of the country.

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Aluva KSRTC bus station is an important bus station in the central Kerala.

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Aluva is one major stop for National Waterway 3, scheduled to open by August 2010 which connects to Thiruvananthapuram in south and Kottapuram in north.

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Culture scene of Aluva is rich with those who are native of this town and those who have been attracted to it mainly due its proximity to the great river Periyar.

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Aluva is known for its "Aluva Pukayillatha Aduppu" invented by the Alwaye Settlement Church many business headquarters.

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Aluva Railway Station is a major stop for trains that passes north to south of Kerala.

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Aluva started worshipping the Linga and Lord Mahadeva appeared in front of him and told him to start poojas there.

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