12 Facts About Amal Clooney

1. In July 2014, George Amal Clooney publicly criticised the British tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail after it claimed his fiancee's mother opposed their marriage on religious grounds.

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2. In September 2016, Amal Clooney spoke—for the first time at the United Nations—before the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime to discuss the decision she made in June 2016 to represent Murad as a client in legal action against ISIL commanders.

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3. In 2016, it was announced that Amal Clooney will represent Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismayilova at the European Court of Human Rights.

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4. In June 2015, Amal Clooney began work on the recently re-opened Hooded Men case brought by the Irish government against the British government in the European Court of Human Rights.

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5. In January 2016, Amal Clooney gave a series of interviews about the UN-condemned trial and imprisonment of Nasheed and put forth efforts to support imposing sanctions on the Maldives.

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6. On 7 April 2015, it was announced that Amal Clooney would be part of the legal team defending Mohamed Nasheed, former President of the Maldives, in his ongoing arbitrary detention.

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7. On 8 March 2015, Amal Clooney filed a case against the Government of the Republic of the Philippines before the UN's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, a body under the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, for the continued detention of former Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

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8. In January 2015, Amal Clooney began work on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

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9. In October 2014, Amal Clooney was hired in attempt to repatriate the ancient Greek sculptures the Elgin Marbles.

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10. In August 2014, Amal Clooney declined a UN commission to look into possible violations of the rules of war in Gaza during the Gaza war of 2014.

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11. As of 2011, Amal Clooney was assisting the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the arbitration between Merck Sharp and Dohme and the Republic of Ecuador.

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12. In 2013 Amal Clooney was appointed to a number of United Nations commissions, including as adviser to Special Envoy Kofi Annan on Syria and as Counsel to the 2013 Drone Inquiry by UN human rights rapporteur Ben Emmerson QC into the use of drones in counter-terrorism operations.

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